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Dr. Jasmine Shadrack

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Popular Music
  • Department: Journalism, Media & Performance

General information

​​​​Jasmine Shadrack is a Lecturer in Popular Music at the University of Northampton’s School of the Arts. She is the choir and band master of the Popular Music department’s chamber choir who’s performances to date include a Metal rendition of Mozart’s Requiem Mass, a Breakcore/Uncommon Techno rendition of Vivaldi’s Gloria, Verdi’s Dies Irae and Orff’s O Fortuna. The next performance will be of Saint-Saens Requiem and Danse Macabre and Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King.


Jasmine Shadrack’s teaching modules range from level 4 to level 6 performance alongside socio-musicological and cultural theory approaches to the examination of popular music from Stravinsky to Skrillex.


Jasmine Shadrack's research areas and publications are concerned with Feminism, space, music and performativity. Her PhD is on women in Extreme Metal. As part of her working research practice she is the guitarist/front woman of a Black Metal band. She is also the lead investigator on a successful funding bid through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in association with Queen Mary's University London and the Academic Charts Online. ​


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