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Research Profile

  • Professor Wilson is Director of Research in the School of Arts at the University of Northampton where she is also Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies. She has a D. Phil from Oxford (St Catherine’s College); an MA in Medieval English from the University of Sydney, Australia; an MA in English from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. From 1988-1998 she taught at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Janet was Research Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute at the University of Oxford (2008-09) and then an Associate Fellow (until 2011); Visiting Fellow in New Zealand Studies at Birkbeck , University of London (2010-11). As Vice-Chair of the New Zealand Studies Network she helps convene and coordinate New Zealand related research events at Birkbeck.

  • Until recently Janet coordinated and taught the MA in English Language at the University of Northampton. Her current teaching includes modules in Postcolonial Literature, Modernism and Research Methods on the MA in English (Contemporary Literature), and undergraduate dissertations. Her undergraduate teaching has covered topics such as New Zealand and Australian cinema, Victorian literature, English Language. In 2012 she taught Diaspora Studies in the School of Social Sciences to Canadian exchange students on the Canadian Government EU-Can, Transatlantic Exchange Programme.

  • Janet’s research interests are in the literary and visual cultures of the white settler societies of New Zealand and Australia, and in diaspora and postcolonial writing more generally. She has also written on other topics such as literature and fundamentalism and right wing rhetoric. At present she is writing on adaptation in New Zealand and Australian cinema, Katherine Mansfield as a (post)colonial modernist  writer,  and a chapter on ‘Transnational Movements’ for the Oxford History of the Novel in English, vol 12.

    Janet has supervised a number of doctoral dissertations in Postcolonial writing, and currently supervise dissertations on Place and Space in Postcolonial Cinema, South Korean Cinema, Catalan and Spanish cinemas, the discourse of Chinese advertising, Modernism and Mysticism, Katherine Mansfield and Consciousness, Beckett and Emptiness, contemporary Egyptian literature, representations of Mothering in  South Asian film and narrative. She welcomes applications for doctoral research in all these areas, especially those relevant to my current research interests in Katherine Mansfield and diaspora writing.

    Janet currently represents the University of Northampton in the EU Marie Curie-funded Initial Training Network, Constructions of Home and Belonging (CoHaB) in collaboration with the universities of Munster, Stockholm, Mumbai, SOAS, and Oxford, funded by EU Marie Curie. This programme in Diaspora Studies will deliver Initial Training Networks to early researchers over three years, and she currently hosts and supervises an Early Stage Researcher at Northampton.

    In Northampton’s School of Arts Janet oversees and manages research and enterprise.  She also directs the Centre for Contemporary Narrative and Cultural Theory and the research group in  Postcolonial Visual Culture and Narrative. This involves research projects with colleagues and partners in Spanish Universities (Vigo, Zaragoza and the Balearic Isles), supported by Santander funding.

    Janet has recently convened the following conferences and events:

    • 13 October 2013: The Annual Katherine Mansfield Birthday Lecture, Birkbeck University of London, co-hosted by the University of Northampton and the Open University.
    • 2 November 2013: Ten Years On: A Symposium on the Works of Janet Frame; Birkbeck, University of London, co-convened by the New Zealand Studies Network and the University of Northampton
    • 25 May 2012.  A symposium on ‘”Seeing and Being Seen”: Postcolonial Visual Culture and Performance’, School of the Arts, University of Northampton.
    • 6-7 July 2012. The Inaugural Conference of the New Zealand Studies Network, “New Zealand’s Cultures: Sources, Histories, Futures”. Birkbeck University of London co-hosted with the University of Northampton.
    • 14 October 2912: The Annual Katherine Mansfield, Birthday Lecture, Birkbeck University of London, co-hosted by the University of Northampton and the Open University.
    • 25-26 October 2012 (with Belen Martin Lucas, University of Vigo, Spain): “Narratives of ‘Difference’ in the Global Marketplace.” University of Northampton.
    • 21-26 March 2013: The Inaugural CoHaB Summer School, University of Northampton.

    Since 2005 Janet has been editor (now co-editor) of the Journal of Postcolonial Writing;and from 2008-11 was Chair of the European Association of Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies (EACALS); she is currently a member of the Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK) College of Peer Reviewers.

  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Janet Wilson’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

  • Books, essay collections and guest-edited journal issues

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    Chapters in books

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    Journal articles

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