Photo of Mr. Hugh Davenport

Mr. Hugh Davenport

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Mgmt
  • Department: Human Resource Mgmt & Organisational Behaviour

General information

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management subject group. Prior to The University of Northampton, Hugh was a Business Psychologist with BT Training and he has extensive experience in the retail industry with BHS.

Professional activity

  • Member of BPS and Division of Occupational Psychology
  • Committee member of BPS Division of Occupational Psychology
  • Co-editor of The Occupational Psychologist
  • External Examiner: University of Central Lancashire, BA in Management, 1998-2002

Includes contributions to various textbooks: Business Environment, Brooks & Weatherston, Prentice Hall (Case Study); Organisational Behaviour, Brooks, Pitman (chapter on Teams & Groups).

Various Media Work.


Wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching including BA Business Studies, DMS, MA in OB and Change Management, Placement Tutor.


  • Organisational culture, change management and organisational development
  • Teamworking and team psychometrics, leadership of, and within, teams
  • Management and Organisational Learning

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