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Mr. Hakeem Owolabi

  • Job title: Lecturer in International Business
  • Department: International Strategy & Business


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  1. Akinade, O. O., Oyedele, L. O., Ajayi, S. O., Bilal, M., Alaka, H. A., Owolabi, H. A. and Arawomo, O. O. (2018) Designing out construction waste using BIM technology: stakeholders' expectations for industry deployment. Journal of Cleaner Production. 180, pp. 375-385. 0959-6526.
  2. Alaka, H. A., Oyedele, L. O., Owolabi, H. A., Kumar, V., Ajayi, S. O., Akinade, O. O. and Bilal, M. (2018) Systematic review of bankruptcy prediction models: towards a framework for tool selection. Expert Systems with Applications. 94, pp. 164-184. 0957-4174.
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