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Photo of Dr. Estelle Tarry

Dr. Estelle Tarry

  • Job title: Associate Lecturer
  • Department: Education - Administration

General information

Estelle initially obtained a BEd (hons) degree in Primary Education with QTS from the University of Leicester. She has 7 years’ experience in international schools as a Head of School in Thailand, Netherlands and Sri Lanka. Whilst being a member of the Council of International Schools (COIS) she was part of an accreditation team in Melbourne Australia.

Estelle completed a Master in Education from the University College Northampton and a Doctorate in Education (EdD) from the University of Bath.

Estelle is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and the National Academy of Higher Education (HEA).


Presently Estelle is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton in the School of Education. She is the Strand Coordinator for the MA Education (Full time) and teaches on the BA (hons) Education Studies, the BA (hons) Learning and Teaching, and the Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching. Estelle is also a PhD supervisor supporting international students.


Estelle has been involved in researching international schools, international education and international students. She has just completed a series of films on Teaching Assistants in International Schools.

Estelle has supervised PhD students who are investigating international comparative education including Ghana, Zimbabwe and refugee children in the UK and Kazakhstan


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