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Dr. Eiman Elbanhawy

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology
  • Department: Design & Photography

General information

Eiman Elbanhawy is a Senior Lecturer at University of Northampton (UON) leading the Architectural Technology Programme. Dr. Elbanhawy works on bridging between Academia and the industry and this is clearly reflected in her professional practice, research interest and teaching philosophy. At UON, she follows learning-by-application approach and teaches sustainable design and lean construction. She focuses on the spatial experiences of design projects and architectural detailing of the built environment. Dr. Elbanhawy is a Fellow at the Higher Education Academy and holds professional memberships in CIAT, RTPI, and IET.


PhD Supervisor

BSc Architectural Technology

  • 3DD1057: Visual and Technical Communication (First Year BSc Architectural Technology)
  • 3DD1059: Principles of Technical Design (First Year)
  • 3DD2069: Technical Architectural Design (Second Year Design Studio)
  • 3DD4014: Final Major Project (Third Year Design Studio)


Dr. Elbanhawy works on the smart cities research strand with a special focus on the social aspect of domestic and workplace innovative technologies. Dr. Elbanhawy is a LEED GA and established a unit to study green projects in an international contracting firm back in 2008, Orascom Construction.

Other Publications

Book Chapters

  • ElBanhawy, E, Y.: (2015) To Cluster the e-mobility Recharging Facilities, `e-mobility NSR Research Project, Book Chapter
  • Elbanhawy,E.Y.,Dalton,R.and Thompson,E.(2013):Eras of Electric Vehicles: Electric Mobility on the Verge. Focus Attention Scale. ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences XL-4/W1, Book Chapter

Journal papers

  • ElBanhawy,E.Y.: Analysis of Space Time Behaviour of Electric Vehicle Potential User and Commuter, IEEE Transportation Electrification, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y.: Dalton, R. and Anumba, C.: Agent based modelling of Electric Vehicles, IEEE Transportation Electrification, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., Dalton, R., Shankar, V., and Abdel Warith, K.: A Hybrid Simulation User-Equilibrium Basis for Identifying EV Charging Hotspots in Transportation Network, IEEE Transportation Electrification, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., Dalton, R. & Nassar, K.: Integrating Space-Syntax And Discrete-Event Simulation For E- Mobility Analysis. American Society of Civil Engineers 1 (91) 934-945. doi: 10.1061/9780784412909.091-2013
  • ElBanhawy, E.Y. & Nassar,K.: A Movable Charging Unit for Green Mobility. ISPRS-International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences XL-4/W1 (May 6): 77–82. doi:10.5194/isprsarchives-XL-4-W1-77-2013
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., Dalton, R., Thompson, E. & Kotter; R.: Heuristic Approach for Investigating the Integration of Electric Mobility Charging Infrastructure in Metropolitan Areas: An Agent-based Modelling Simulation. IEEE. 74 – 86. doi: 10.1109/EFEA.2012.6294081-2012

Conference papers

  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., Dalton, R., Thompson, E. and Kotter; R.: Real-Time E-Mobility Simulation in Metropolitan Area. In 30th eCAADe Conference, edited by Henri; Pavlicek; Jiri; Hulin; Jaroslav; Matejdan; Dana, 533–546. Czech Republic, Prague: Technical University in Prague; Faculty of Architecture, Czech Republic, 2012
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y. & Dalton, R. C: Syntactic Approach To Electric Mobility IN Metropolitan Areas NE 1 district core, segment map. The 9th Space Syntax Symposium, Korea, 2013
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y. & Dalton, R. C. Model of Transports to simulate EV system, GeoComputation Conference, China, 2013
  • ElBanhawy, E, Y.: Spatiotemporal Analysis of e-Mobility Recharging Facilities, ARCOM Doctoral Workshop, London, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y; Dalton, R., Thompson, E. Interrogating the Relation between E-Mobility Recharging Network Design and Drivers Charging Behaviour. In the 32nd eCAADe Conference , UK, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y.: Investigating the Evolution of E-Mobility in its Urban Context, A longitudinal study in Newcastle Area, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Conference, HEVC, The Institution of Engineering and Technology , IEA, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y, Dalton, R. Descriptive Analysis of the E-mobility System, 3rd International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications, France, 2014
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y, Electric Vehicle Users’ Charging Profiles Versus Recharging Facilities, 3rd International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications, France, 2014
  • Elbanhawy, E. Y., Dalton, R, Spatiotemporal Analysis of the e-Mobility System in Newcastle-Gateshead Area, The 10th Space Syntax Symposium SSS, London, 2015
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y. & Price, B. (2015), The Social Practice of EV Workplace Charging Facility, The 4th International Workshop on Pervasive Urban Applications, PURBA, Japan
  • Bourgeous, J.; Foell, S.; ElBanhawy, E. Y.; Price, B., van der Londend, Janet, Kortuem, Gerd (2015). Towards Self-Sufficient Electric Mobility: An Investigation into the Desirability and Feasibility of Powering Electric Vehicles with Domestic Solar Electricity, ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, UbiComp, 2015
  • Piccolo, L. and ElBanhawy, E. Y. (2015), Community Energy Engagement: Towards Practical Design Approach, The British HCI 2015 workshop, Lincoln, UK
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., The Charging Personas of the E-Mobility Users of Newcastle-Gateshead Urban Area, EAI International Conference on Smart Urban Mobility Services, Canada, 2015
  • Elbanhawy, E. Y., Straight form the Horse’s Mouth: I am an Electric Vehicle User, I am a Risk Taker, EAI International Conference on Smart Urban Mobility Services, Canada, 2015
  • Elbanhawy E. Y., Know Before You Walk: Self-Tracking and Location Allocation Problem Ubicomp’ 15, SenCity workshop, Japan
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y., Price, B., Korteum, G., SENGY: Good Morning, Your Carbon Footprint this Month is 0.003 tons of CO2, Ubicomp’ 15, SenCity2 workshop, Japan
  • ElBanhawy, E. Y. Message to Newcastle City Council: Activate the EV Charging Point in Grey Street and Deactivate Strawberry Lane, Ubicomp’ 15, SenCity2 workshop, Japan
  • Elbanhawy, E. Y., Smith, A.FG., Moore, J. Towards an Ambient Awareness Interface for Home Battery System, UbiTtention: Smart & Ambient Notification and Attention Management, Ubicomp 2016, Heidelbery, Germany
  • Elbanhawy,E.Y.,TheUseofSelf-TrackingTechnologyinLocationAllocationPlanningProblem:AnAgentbased model of Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Cities. In the 11th Space Syntax SSS, 2017

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