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Dr. Duncan McCollin

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science
  • Department: Environmental Science

General information

Duncan McCollin completed his PhD in 1988 and spent two years teaching in the Department of Biological Sciences at Njala University College, University of Sierra Leone (VSO). Duncan was appointed as a Lecturer in Ecology in 1992 and since has progressed to Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor.


Duncan works alongside Jeff Ollerton and Janet Jackson teaching ecology at undergraduate level and is course leader for BSc Environmental Science. Duncan teaches on the following modules and is module leader for those asterisked:

  • ENV1002 Introduction to Ecology*
  • ENV1012 Biodiversity: an Introduction
  • ENV1016 Environmental Science Practical*
  • ENV2018 Habitat Ecology & Management
  • ENV2036 Research Methods
  • ENV2124 Fieldcourse module*
  • ENV2103 Biogeography*
  • ENV3014 Landscape & Restoration Ecology*
  • ENV3021 Biodiversity & Conservation
  • ENV3131 Career Planning and Placement*
  • ENV4101 Research Project & Dissertation


Duncan has interests in landscape ecology, long-term ecological change, and island biogeography, and actively collaborates with colleagues both nationally and internationally.

Duncan has co-supervised eight PhD students successfully to completion and is currently co-supervising Kat Harrold and Emily Howard-Williams.


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