Research Profile

  • Charlie Roberts is a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition at the University of Northampton. Charlie began his career at Northumbria University studying Applied Sport & Exercise Science, developing a strong interest in nutrition. Following graduation, he moved to the University of Glasgow to complete an MSc in Human Nutrition with specialisation in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.

    Charlie was awarded a doctoral scholarship to complete a PhD at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. His research aims to identify and analyse the challenges associated with delivering nutrition support to professional rugby players in New Zealand, to improve practitioner awareness and the level of support provided to the athletes.

    Alongside this, Charlie developed his practical skills both in conjunction with and separately from his PhD, working with many disciplines and levels such youth, developmental academy, recreational amateur and professional athletes. Charlie is accredited on the British Dietetic Association’s Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register.


  • Module Leader:

    • SLS1010 – Introduction to Human Nutrition
    • SLS1006 – Introduction to Physiology
    • SPOM035 – Partnership Project

    Contributes to:

    • SLS2021 – Nutritional Perspectives for Health, Exercise & Disease
    • SLS3008 – Sport & Exercise Nutrition
  • Roberts, C., Gill, N. and Sims, S., 2020. The influence of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on perceived nutrition habits in Rugby Union players. Frontiers in Nutrition, p.216.

    Roberts, C., Gill, N., Darry, K., Posthumus, L. and Sims, S., 2022. Daily protein distribution patterns in professional and semi-professional male Rugby Union players.

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