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Research Profile

  • Athanasia joined the University of Northampton in January 2016 and is currently the Deputy Subject Leader in Applied Social Studies and Sociology, she is also a Research Associate at the Hellenic Observatory, LSE . Before joining the University of Northampton, Athanasia worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Worcester (2012-2015), a Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Hellenic Observatory, at the LSE (2011-2012), a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Manchester (2008-2011) and as a Teaching Fellow in Sociology at the University of Cambridge (2004-2008). Athanasia also spent a year in Toronto, Canada as a Visiting Professor in Sociology, at Toronto University and York University (2013-2014) she also spent one academic term in Harvard University, USA as a Visiting Fellow (2006). 

    Athanasia is the author of three monographs, a number of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters (in English and Greek). She has been interviewed about her work from BBC News, BBC World, BBC Radio, SkaiTV Greece, CTV Canada, and has also written articles for The Economist and CNN. 

  • Athanasia is the Module Leader on the following modules:

    • SOC1074 (40 Credit): Sociological Imagination
    • SOC3059 (20 Credit): The Sociology of the Self 

    Athanasia also teaches on the following undergraduate modules:

    • Your Sociological Agenda
    • Sociology Dissertation (Supervisor)

    Athanasia is also a PhD Supervisor.

  • Athanasia’s current Research (papers under review) relates to the following areas:

    • Youth Identity Formation
    • Academic Identity Formation
    • Inter-action in relation to Intra-action
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  • Books 

    • Chalari, A. (2017) The Sociology of the Individual London: Sage (ISBN: 978-1-4462-7202-2) 
    • Chalari A., Fokas, E., Bozhilova, D., Vraniali, E., and Prasopoulou, E. (2013) Social Issues in Focus: New Generation Research on a
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    • Chalari, A. (2012) Why Greeks Interrupt each other? the phenomenon of ‘Overlaps’ in everyday Greek conversations Saarbucken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (ISBN:978-3-8484-4584-4) 
    • Chalari, A. (2009) Approaches to the Individual: The Relationship between Internal and External Conversation London: Palgrave McMillan (ISBN 978-0-230-23133-7) 

    Peer-Reviewed Publications 

    • Chalari, A. and Sealey, C. (2017) Greek Crisis and British Austerity. Journal of Science and Society (in Greek) ISSN: 1108-3697– Forthcoming 
    • Chalari, A. and Sealey, C. (2017) UK students’ subjective experiences and responses to higher education austerity: Implications and lessons for the future Political Quarterly and the Observatoire de la
      société britannique (OSB) – Forthcoming ISSN: 1775-4135
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    • Chalari, A. & Khoury, A. (2010) Politics Based on ‘Reflexivity’, ‘Shallow Politics’ and the EU GM Food and Feed Regulatory Regime The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science 4(11): 199-21 ISSN 1833-1882 
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