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Mr. Andrew SMITH

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Education (SEN and Inclusion)
  • Department: Special Education Needs & Inclusion

General information

After failing miserably to make a living as a professional actor back in 1973, Andrew Smith first studied to be a  Drama/Theatre Arts/Dance teacher through the University of Oxford Delegacy for Education Studies (obtaining QTS) and graduated with a BA Hons in Humanities and Education as a full-time student at the Open University; in time he went on to post-graduate study at Sheffield University where he graduated with a distinction in their in-service MEd. Programme (Inclusive Education).  He is currently studying for a Phd (in-service at the University of Northampton) and hopes to complete this in September 2016.

Andrew has been a member of the teaching profession since 1977.  He started as a secondary school Drama/English teacher leading to positions as Head of English/Library, Year Head, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Assistant Head in a variety of schools (both secondary and primary).  In addition to working in schools, Andy has also been an advisory teacher (English/Oracy Development) for a Local Authority and a senior manager (faculty leader) at a college of further education (managing cross-college additional learning support, all full and part-time award bearing courses for students with SEN(D), schools liaison, professional catering courses and sports courses).  

He joined the University of Northampton in 2003 as a member of The Centre for Special Needs Education and Research (CeSNER) – now the SEN & Inclusion Division in the School of Education.  


BA Hons Special Educational Needs and Inclusion


  • SEN 1003 The Social & Cultural Dimensions of Difference and Diversity (Module Leader)
  • SEN 2001 Current Issues and Developments in Inclusive Practice (Module Leader)
  • Dissertation Supervisor

BA Hons with Qualified Teacher Status

  • Special School Placement (Yr 2) – visiting tutor

BA Hons Learning and Teaching


  • PDT 3004 Research Methods in Education
  • PDT 4001 Dissertation Supervisor

Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching


  • PDT 1005 Special Educational Needs (1)
  • PDT 2005 Special Educational Needs (2) (Module Leader)


  • MA (Special Education) Dissertation Supervisor
  • MA (Special Education) Research Thesis Supervisor
  • National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination (Postgraduate Certificate) (Cohort Leader)

Level 4 Programmes (Professional Development for Teaching Assistants and Teachers) and Franchise Operations (SEN) (Programme Leader)

  • SEN 1007 Work-Based Project
  • SEN 1008 Supporting Learners with Special Educational Needs
  • SEN 1009 Supporting Learners with Literacy Difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • SEN 1010 Supporting Learners with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (Part 1)
  • SEN 1011 Supporting Learners with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (Part 2)
  • SEN 1012 Understanding Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) & Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) (Part 1)
  • SEN 1013 Understanding Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) & Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) (Part 2)


Research Projects Underway:

  • “The autonomy of the newly appointed Primary School Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) – is this a strategic leadership role under threat?” Exploring the professional lives and identities of SENCOs in English primary schools. (Current Phd Study at The University of Northampton)

Research Projects Recently Completed

  • Towards Inclusive Learning Environments (TILE) “The Roadmap for the Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs in Vocational Education and Training Environments”
    EU funded Lifelong Learning Programme project developed between partners in Finland, the Czech Republic, Estonia and England (Uni of Northampton & Oxford and Cherwell College of FE).  2009 to 2013
  • Developing an Independent Learning Tool (ILT)using Personal Thinking Skills (PTS)  in the KS 3 PE Curriculum.”Enhancing the relationships between pupils and teachers (Communication & Understanding). 2011-2012


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