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Dr. Andrew Ballantyne

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Leather Technology
  • Department: Institute for Creative Leather Technologies


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  1. Ballantyne, A. D., Barker, R., Dalgliesh, R. M., Ferreira, V. C., Hillman, A. R., Palin, E. J. R., Sapstead, R., Smith, E. L., Steinke, N.-J. and Ryder, K. S. (2018) Electrochemical deposition of silver and copper from a deep eutectic solvent studied using time-resolved neutron reflectivity. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. 819, 511 - 523. 1572-6657.
  2. Ballantyne, A. D., Hallett, J. P., Riley, D. J., Shah, N. and Payne, D. J. (2018) Lead acid battery recycling for the twenty-first century. Royal Society Open Science. 5 2054-5703.
  3. Hillman, A. R., Barker, R., Dalgliesh, R. M., Ferreira, V. C., Palin, E. J. R., Sapstead, R. M., Smith, E. L., Steinke, N.-J., Ryder, K. S. and Ballantyne, A. D. (2018) Real-time in situ dynamic sub-surface imaging of multi-component electrodeposited films using event mode neutron reflectivity. Faraday Discussions. 1359-6640. (In Press)
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