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Hands_Face_Space_Fresh Air

The ever-present mantra that has ruled the last year. However, for our graduates, this maybe has an alternative reading.

  • Hands – symbolises a shackled, ‘hands off’, learning experience that has been a challenge and frustration. Yet, they have put their hands to good use by tapping keyboards, swiping screens and leading trackpads.
  • Face – some will have been crest-fallen when told to stay at home, some may have been relieved, but all have demonstrated a steely determination to focus and move forward.
  • Space – finding a space to work in their busy homes. The two metres space separating them from their peers and normality. It did not however separate them from their goals and aspirations.
  • Fresh Air – breathe it in. You have done it – you have come through an unprecedented time and now can look to the future. The world is still out there and you can now explore it.

Trevor Brown BA, MA, FHEA 
Programme Leader BA Graphic Communication


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