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Fine Art Painting and Drawing

Anna Brown

Annie Footitt

Aziza Begum

Baillie Jones

Berfin Bikim

George Metu-Onyeka

Georgia Franklin

Harry Barker

Him Ming Chan

Jade Berry

Lauren Miller

Louise Humphreys

Painting and Drawing

Our Painting and Drawing course both encourages and supports our students to explore contemporary approaches to painting and drawing through a breadth and depth of experience which is not possible on a multi-disciplinary fine art course. Some opt for a singular approach rooted within painting or drawing.

At the beginning of our course, we promise to introduce students to a variety of new ideas, techniques and processes and to offer them a wide-ranging expansion of the possibilities of both painting and drawing. Within the context of what has been a very difficult year they have kept working and continued to push forward with their work, for this we would like to congratulate them and wish them luck as they begin their journey within the art world.

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Dr Michael Evans 
Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting and Drawing and Senior Lecturer in Painting


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