Fine Art (BA)

Allegra Fanti

Atanas Penev

Carolina Ardente

Daisy Birch

Harshita Garode

Jules Bishop

Megan Neil

Mia Clack

Santina Mastrangelo

Saskia Thompson

Tim Yau

Valeria Medici

Fine Art BA

Through the Covid pandemic, this year’s BA Fine Art graduates have experienced a unique learning context but have proved how resilient, resourceful and creative artists can be by the way they’ve responded to that challenge and have been able to adapt and evolve their practices. The breadth of the work produced encompasses sculpture, painting, printmaking, video, animation, phonic work, installation, drawing, site-specific practices and dialogical projects; that breadth of practice is a testament to those graduating artists but also to the ethos of the BA Fine Art course itself, which places an emphasis on the personal development of each artist and has encouraged each of them to question their practices and to develop their own artistic voice.

So, jabs in, masks off, move forward! Congratulations to you all from the Fine Art team.

Dr Richard Hollinshead
BA Fine Art Programme Leader


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