Digital Degree Show 2021

Headshot of John Sinclair, dean of faculty of art, science and technology

“The show is a celebration of this year’s graduates’ ideas, creativity and originality. It’s also a celebration of their resilience, their tenacity and determination to keep going, despite the extraordinary impact of the pandemic.

I’ve been stunned and humbled by the way our students have embraced the challenge of this most difficult of years and have managed to produce work of frankly stunning quality and originality.

I’d also like to put on record my grateful thanks for the amazing work of my colleagues to support students in the studios wherever possible and remotely when not.

Finally, as has been said elsewhere, when faced with Lockdown, most of us turned to the Arts for solace and inspiration; the Arts students at UON have not disappointed, as will be evident to everyone who enjoys this Degree Show.”

John Sinclair
Dean of the Faculty of Art, Science and Technology

A warm welcome

We would like to welcome you to the degree show 2021 which showcases the fantastic work of our students from across a wide range of creative and technological disciplines. In what has been a very challenging year, the students have excelled by producing work in sometimes very difficult circumstances, often without the access to facilities that would normally have been afforded before the pandemic. This work is vibrant, innovative and confident; demonstrating that our students are more than ready for the next leap on in their professional careers.

Alexis Taylor, Vicki Dean and Jonathan Adams
Subject Leaders in Art and Design, Fashion, and Technology

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