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The DLHE survey for 2017 is now open. You can complete the survey online. Enter your student ID number as the username and use the password ‘2017’.

Complete the DLHE survey.

About the survey

This is a national survey of everyone who has recently qualified from any university or HE college in the UK. The information you provide will be very useful to us for advising our current students about the opportunities that might be available to them when they graduate.

Of those who obtained qualifications across the UK in 2014/15, 79% responded to the survey. Of these, 72% reported that they were working and a further 6% were working and studying. 13% were undertaking further study only. 5% of leavers were assumed to be unemployed. More results can be found on the HESA website.

IFF Research logoIf we don’t hear from you we will try to contact you again. We work with our partner IFF Research to contact you by telephone, so please let us know if you change your email address or phone number.

IFF Research will only contact you in relation to this survey (DLHE) and will not contact you or pass on your details for any other purpose.

If we can’t get in touch with you at all, we may try to get information about what you were doing from someone else, either the University of Northampton or someone we can reach using the contact information you have previously provided. If you don’t want us to do this, or you don’t want to give us any information at all, please tell us. Below are details about what happens to your information after it is sent to us.

A follow-up survey is planned for three years’ time so that we can get even more information about the early careers of those with HE qualifications. You might be asked to take part in this follow-up survey as well, which will be carried out by a different organisation. The current survey may also be audited – that is, checked to make sure it has been carried out correctly. If you don’t want to take part in the follow-up survey, please let us know. You can also do this by ticking the box at the end of the questionnaire.

What happens to your information

Information collected from this survey will be used to inform our staff, current and prospective students about career progression of the University of Northampton graduates. Personal details which could identify you as an individual will not be included in any reports or other materials produced using this data, without your express permission.

To improve careers and employability advice we give both current and former students, we may wish to contact you in relation to your destination information, for example to promote internship opportunities available to our alumni, or to collect case studies for our website. If you would prefer not to be contacted in this way, please let us know by emailing surveys@northampton.ac.uk.

We will send information from this survey to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). How HESA uses your survey responses is described in detail on the HESA website.

Should you have any specific queries about the DLHE survey, please email surveys@northampton.ac.uk.