University Changemaker Student Award

Download our Changemaker Student Award brochure (PDF, 644KB) for more information about the award and how it can support your children.

Through a series of virtual workshops, the Changemaker Award aims to develop your children’s literacy, teamwork, collaboration, listening and communication skills through them working  together to plan, develop, deliver and reflect on their projects.

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The Changemaker Award is open to all primary schools in Northamptonshire, but we are particularly keen to work with WP target schools.

  • The Changemaker Student Award

    The Changemaker Student Award is designed for self-selecting children who would like to make positive change in their school and beyond. Fuelled by the University’s commitment to creating positive social change the Changemaker Student Award supports children to become socially responsible and innovative.

    The Award will be delivered through a programme of virtual workshops delivered by the Schools Engagement Team and student Changemaker Ambassadors, who will introduce the ethos of Changemaking and inspire your children to get involved. Your self-nominated Changemaker Team of between 6 and 8 students from year 5 and 6 will work with the Changemaker Ambassador to explore projects to take forward.

    They are also on hand to support any projects that your children decide they would like to pursue. With the support of a member of your school staff, the Changemaker Student Award can be achieved during a school year and have a real impact on your school community and the personal development of children involved.

    In previous years, there have been projects focussed on enhancing well-being in the school community, campaigning for recycling in the local area and supporting national charities.

    Become part of our Changemaker community by emailing to register your interest or receive further information.

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