Transport Bursary for Events

Transport Policy

University of Northampton will endeavour to provide subsidised and/or FREE transport for our FREE events and opportunities through our Schools Engagement and Uni Connect programmes.

We realise that with the cuts in school budgets, without our funding schools will find it difficult to attend events and as a result this may prevent students from being inspired to consider applying for a higher education course. As a result, this is our policy.

Please be aware that whilst coaches can drop and collect directly from our Waterside Campus, there is no parking.

Schools Engagement (WP) events and opportunities

Subsidised transport is available for all opportunities and events up to the value of £250. See below how to claim.

Aspire Higher (Uni Connect) Opportunities

Schools can apply for a transport bursary for certain Aspire Higher events, for example Women into STEAM or Car Crash Careers day, of up to £250.  Schools will be advised of this on booking.

Aspire Higher schools have their own budget to spend on aspiration raising activities and can choose to use this towards transport for any event.

Steam Northants 2022

All schools, regardless of school classification, will receive subsidised transport up to the cost of £250 for ONE coach. See below how to claim.

Faculty led opportunities

Please refer to the Events and Opportunities page information to identify if subsidised or free transport is available.

How to claim your FREE transport

Once you have booked onto an opportunity or event you need to book and pay for your own transport.

You will need to send your quote for the transport on school headed paper (not the coach company booking form) to either for WP activities
or for Uni Connect activities to your Uni Connect school co-ordinator. This will be clear from the Events and Opportunities page information.

You will receive a Purchase order Number from our finance department, send your invoice after you have attended the event or opportunity to Please do this promptly particularly near to the end of the financial year, i.e. June/July.

NB. No payments will be agreed or paid for if quotes are sent to the University of Northampton after the event has taken place.

Transport discount

Working with coach company colleagues in the county we have been able to negotiate a 10% discount for you when using the following coach companies to access the University’s Schools Engagement opportunities.

The following companies will provide an additional 10% discount; please mention you are booking to transport children to a University of Northampton’s opportunity

Country Lion – (under negotiation for 2022)

Poynter’s Coaches –  (Reference Sam email dated 19/10/2021 with UON)

While we have negotiated this discount with the companies above, you need to consider whether these companies meet your schools transport requirements.

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