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Targeting Students and Post Code Checker

Working closely with the LA you have been identified as a target school for the university’s work with children/students from underrepresented and/or disadvantaged backgrounds either through our Widening Participation or Uniconnect programmes. We have provided your school with a post code checker which will enable you to identify specific students/children in your school that meet these criterion. To be able to report accurately to the government department that provide us with our ring fenced funding, we ask schools to prioritise these specific children/students from these particular areas on a ratio of 60/40. Please be aware that not all children/students, regardless of their background, will be academically able to access Higher Education. With this in mind please target your children/students for our aspirational opportunities appropriately.

Reimbursement of transport costs to your school may not be paid if the cohort brought does not match the 60/40% split on targeted students and also if consent forms are not provided for the event.

  • WP activities: Indices of multiple deprivation 0 – 40% (Q1&2)
  • Uniconnect activities: Polar 4 Q1&2 and Gaps Q1&2

If you are a target school, please use our postcode checker document to identify the students that meet the WP or Uniconnect categories for the 60/40% ratio identified above.

DfE identified disadvantaged students (DS) may not fit this criteria completely so please refer to the list that your post code checker will generate.

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