Target Schools, Students and Data Consent

This page has lots of resources and information on targeting schools, schools lists, and data consent and consent forms. Please check the relevant accordions below for specific information.

  • Uni Connect programme (formally NCOP – 2017 on-going)

    Office for Students government funding is targeted towards raising the number of students that transition from Post 16 education into higher education, from specific wards across the country of Northamptonshire (Polar Q1&2 and gaps Q1&2 wards).

    Schools list
    • Abbeyfield School
    • Brooke Weston
    • Corby Business Academy
    • DSLV E-ACT Academy
    • Kettering Buccleuch Academy
    • Kettering Science Academy
    • Kingsthorpe College
    • Kingswood Secondary Academy
    • Lodge Park Academy
    • Malcolm Arnold Academy
    • Moulton College
    • Northampton Academy
    • Northampton College
    • Northampton International Academy
    • Northampton School for Girls
    • Rushden Academy
    • Sir Christopher Hatton Academy
    • The Duston School
    • The Ferrers School
    • The Latimer Arts College
    • The Parker E-ACT Academy
    • Tresham College
    • Weavers Academy
    • Weston Favell Academy
    • Wrenn Academy
  • Office for Students’ (OfS) Access and Participation Plan

    University of Northampton’s Access and Participation Plan targets primary and secondary schools, specifically children from year 6 – 9 from IMD 0-40% super output areas across the county of Northamptonshire. Please refer to the WP schools list below if you are unsure whether you have been designated as a WP school.

    Primary schools list
    • The Abbey CofE Academy
    • Alfred Street Junior School, Rushden
    • All Saints CofE VA Primary School
    • Beanfield Primary School
    • Blackthorn Primary School
    • Boothville Primary School
    • Briar Hill Primary School
    • Castle Academy
    • Cedar Road Primary School
    • Chiltern Primary School
    • Compass Primary school
    • Corby Old Village Primary School
    • Croyland Primary school
    • Danesholme Junior Academy
    • Delapre Primary School
    • DSLV – Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village E-Act – Primary stage
    • Earl Spencer Primary School
    • Eastfield Academy
    • Ecton Brook Primary School
    • Exeter – A Learning Community Academy
    • Finedon Mulso Church of England Junior School
    • Freemans Endowed CofE Junior academy
    • Great Doddington Primary School
    • Green Oaks Primary Academy
    • Greenfields Primary School
    • Hazel Leys Academy
    • Headlands Primary School
    • Hunsbury Park Primary School
    • Kettering Buccleuch Academy Primary
    • Kettering Park Junior Academy
    • Kings Heath Primary Academy
    • Kingsley Primary School
    • Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School
    • Kingswood Primary Academy
    • Lings Primary School
    • Lumbertubs Primary School
    • Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School
    • Newton Road School
    • Oakway Academy
    • Olympic Primary School
    • Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School
    • Our Lady’s Catholic Primary (Wellingborough)
    • Park Junior School, Kettering
    • Park Junior School, Wellingborough
    • Purple Oaks Academy
    • Queen Eleanor Primary Academy
    • Rectory Farm Primary School
    • Rockingham Primary School
    • Ruskin Academy
    • Spring Lane Primary School
    • St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Kettering
    • St Andrew’s CofE VA Primary School
    • St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School
    • St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School
    • St James Church of England Primary School
    • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
    • St Mary’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School
    • St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Corby
    • Standens Barn Primary School
    • Stimpson Avenue
    • Studfall Junior Academy School
    • The Abbey Primary School
    • The Arbours Academy
    • The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School
    • The Grange School, Daventry
    • Thorplands Primary School
    • Vernon Terrace Primary School
    • Victoria Primary School
    • Warwick Academy (P)
    • Wilby Primary School
    • Woodnewton- A Learning Community
    • Woodvale Primary Academy
    Secondary schools list
    • Abbeyfield School
    • Corby Business Academy
    • DSLV E-ACT Academy
    • Huxlow Science College
    • Kettering Buccleuch Academy
    • Kettering Science Academy
    • Kingsthorpe College
    • Kingswood Secondary Academy
    • Lodge Park Academy
    • Malcolm Arnold Academy
    • Manor Sports College
    • Montsaye Academy
    • Northampton Academy
    • Northampton International Academy
    • Northampton School for Girls
    • Rushden Academy
    • Sir Christopher Hatton Academy
    • Southfield School for Girls
    • The Duston School
    • The Ferrers School
    • The Latimer Arts College
    • The Parker E-ACT Acadmey
    • Thomas Becket
    • Weavers Academy
    • Weston Favell Academy
    • Wrenn Academy
  • As a hybrid authority through GDPR we are using “Legitimate Interest” for the lawful collection of relevant data to both our Widening Participation (WP) and Uniconnect programmes.

    Why do we need this?

    As a University we receive government funds through The Office for Students (OfS) to offer FREE opportunities, resources and activities for schools, to help raise aspiration and attainment.  We are required to report accurately on the engagement of children and young people from our target widening participation opportunities so that the Government can evaluate the impact of activities on the progression of children into higher education. The information provided is used for research purposes only and is stored within a secure database based in the UK.   To ensure that we continue to receive further funding to be able to offer schools opportunities for free we are reliant on your support to gain the appropriate data from your parents and carers.  Full information is provided on the documents at the bottom of the page.

    We have created a short animation explaining why we need students data when participating in our Schools Engagement activities. This is to be sent to any parents, carers or students who are required to complete our consent forms.

    Primary, year 7 and year 8 opportunities

    For all Primary, year 7 and year 8 opportunities, each child’s parent or carer will need to complete an online consent form.

    Your school may prefer to use a paper version of the form. This is available as a downloadable resource on this page. If you use the paper forms, you will need to collate the consent forms and bring to the university opportunity that you are attending.

    Year 9, 10, 11 and post 16 opportunities

    If you are one of the schools on this list, you will need to refer to it when writing to parents/carers about any opportunity you are participating in with the university. No consent form will be needed; however, you will need to provide – by password protected email – a digital register for the event which will include the following information about the cohort of children attending the university opportunity. Please download a copy of the register.

    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Postcode
    • Ethnicity
    • Disability
    • Looked After Child (Y/N)
    • Free School Meals
    • Photo/filming consent

    An Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) will be in place between the university and your school/college to allow this information to be provided to the University of Northampton (please check with your data manager or Headteacher).

    Important documents

    Consent Forms
    Privacy Notices
    Information Sharing Agreement
    Online Safety Procedures and Guidance
  • We provide a post code checker which will enable target schools to identify specific students/children that meet these criteria. To be able to report accurately to the government department that provide us with our ring-fenced funding, we ask schools to prioritise these specific children/students from these areas on a ratio of 60/40.

    Please be aware that not all children/students, regardless of their background, will be academically able to access Higher Education. Please target your children/students for our aspirational opportunities appropriately.

    Reimbursement of bursaries for transport costs to your school may not be paid if the cohort brought does not match the 60/40% split on targeted students and also if consent forms are not provided for the event.

    Please remember to categories for the 60/40% ratio identified above.

    NB: DfE identified disadvantaged students (DS) may not fit this criterion completely so please refer to the list that your post code checker will generate.

    All Schools

    If your school is not on either school listing, you are still eligible to attend some Events and Opportunities, for example Big Bang Northants 1 July 2020, as well as participate in our primary focused Changemaker Student Award (CMSA) and two Staff CPD mental health and wellbeing opportunities: Futures in Mind (primary) and Towards Moves (secondary).

    For more information on these opportunities please view our Events and Opportunities page.

    NB – WP and NCOP targeted opportunities could become available to all schools during the year

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