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Resource in a Box

Resource in a Box

An array of resources and activity plans in one box: Resource in a Box brings university-style learning and content to life in your classroom.

Aiming to enlighten post 16 students, this free resource gives your students the opportunity to experience the type of resources that are commonly used by our academics to ensure our students learn most effectively. The resources and activities have been designed to link with an A-level curriculum in mind, enabling you to continue to teach your exam syllabus in a fun, exciting and innovative way but also include aspects of level 4 content and delivery to compliment your work.

All Resource in a Box resources have been trialled with a county secondary school and a cohort of their post 16 students.

The range of Resources in Boxes is growing and will be added here. We will send emails to alert colleagues of new boxes as and when they are developed.

The Virtual Resource in a Box (any school)

Click on the identified boxes to view the resources available to download and use at your discretion, as well as a clearly outlined delivery guide.

Please let us know if you have used a particular Resource in Box, as this will allow us to track the popularity of each box. Email

The Physical Resource in a Box (Northamptonshire schools only)

Contact us at to book a particular Resource in a Box.

  • Boxes can be loaned to schools for a period of two weeks.
  • We will deliver and collect the boxes at prearranged times with the booking member of staff at your school.
  • The box contains all the resources and a guide for that box to be successfully delivered.
  • There is a content list of equipment in the box, please check that all equipment is within the box when you return it to us so the next school can use it effectively.

There is an opportunity for a member of our University team to come and introduce some of the boxes to the lead member of staff at your school – this will be apparent when you read the blurb for that box.

Specific boxes will be launched over the summer holidays so keep a look-out.

Presenting Myself

Build students’ skills of presenting themselves

Academic Reading

Equip students with the skills needed for reading for academic study

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