Presenting Myself

An interactive resource to develop students’ academic skills within the context of presenting themselves (in writing and speech)

The aim of this resource is to help your students develop their academic skills and confidence, and it uses the context of ‘presenting themselves’. The session employs the skills used in writing personal statements and applications, and speaking in interviews/presentations, for university, jobs and apprenticeships. The plan is really flexible, to suit your space, the time you have, student numbers and the focus you’d like to give it.

There are two pathways: speaking and writing. You can choose to follow just one pathway or combine the two within a session; both involve a range of activities and games in which students lead their own learning and make choices based on their self-audit of skills. This box includes: a teacher overview; plans for both pathways; student self-audit frames; all instructions and resources for the activities. The activities cover skills and use approaches we adopt in our sessions with Level 4 students here at University.

Target year group

Year 12/13

Curriculum subject links

The session could be delivered through PSHE but will have positive impact on many other subjects. The skills learnt are transferable and link to English.

Relevance to UON study

The resource develops academic skills for writing and presenting, including editing and proofreading, group talk, critical thinking and communicating through speech, among others. These skills can be applied within a range of courses and for a variety of purposes.

Taster introduction

The aim of this Resource in a Box is to help students develop their academic skills and confidence, using the context of ‘presenting themselves’ in both writing and through speech.

This is a taster activity from the box, adapted for being offered online. The physical box has 19 activities, along with session plans and student self-evaluation frames. It also contains sets of cards, pictures and props to be used within the activities.

This activity is likely to take around 15/20 mins.

Physical box – Northants schools only


Length of loan for the physical box

2 weeks

Who to contact to access and book the physical box (email)

Potential of pre loan teacher meeting

If you are keen to be involved in the research project that surrounds this resource please contact

If you would like to have a pre-delivery conversation with Amy West please email her to set up this conversation.

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