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U.NXT is a new and innovative organisation located in Eindhoven since 2019.

The aim of U.NXT is to enable students to influence innovative and value driven decisions in a future thinking and data driven way. U.NXT is an organisation that is part of the SiNTLUCASNXT legal entity. SiNXTLUCASNXT is a foundation funded by SintLucas to develop innovation.

The U.NXT course Creative Business Studies a new multidisciplinary program where students will unite creativity, technology and data analytics with business skills. Students will concentrate on many different subjects with an adaptable curriculum that focuses on the most important worldwide trends. If one solution does not give the desired result, students are wired to look for a better alternative, using both their creativity and knowledge.

  • The unique approach to personal learning also gives students the advantage of being able to study at their own pace
  • It combines the freedom of online learning with a classroom environment while safeguarding the process of students at the same time with the help of our dedicated coaches
  • Major global companies offer challenges that will give the students real-world experience. Students will learn by designing creative solutions to real-life problems, and
  • Students will learn in a gamified environment to maximize their learning experience

U.NXT delivers the following University of Northampton degree programmes through a collaborative arrangement, enrolled only, U.NXT Intellectual Property:

  • BA (Hons) Creative Business Studies
  • MA Creative Business Studies*

*  Subject to approval

For more information, visit the U.NXT University website.

For further information about this partnership arrangement, please contact Dorien Verdier at U.NXT, and Bill Toyer at the University of Northampton.

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