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Why Study Accounting and Finance at the University of Northampton?

These are the Top 5 reasons to study BSc Accounting and Finance at the University of Northampton

24 March 2023

Black, (Un)Like Me: #Embrace Equity?

Dr Marcella Daye explores race equality and International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

9 March 2023

Gaining New Skills and Work Experience While Studying

Janine writes about the wide variety of work experiences she’s gained and the importance of keeping on top of University emails to make the most of any new opportunities.

12 December 2022

Why Changemaker could help you figure your life out.

The writer describes how the Changemaker Hub team enabled her to feel more confident in stepping outside of her comfort zone, in order to make important decisions for her future…

10 November 2022

Lift Up Your Everyday: Developing Yourself as an Occupational Therapist

For Occupational Therapy Week 2022, this blog looks at how research and continuing professional development, such as UON’s MSc degree, can benefit members of the public and OT professionals.

7 November 2022

The UON Employment Promise

A student’s perspective on the Changemaker Hub and their commitments, like the Northampton Employment Promise, with supporting relevant information.

5 October 2022