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Unitemps – boost your income and enhance your employability skills.

Undertaking temporary work that you can fit in around your studies is a great way of gaining additional income whilst enhancing your employability skills. This blog outlines the services of…

6 November 2023

Returning to university as a mature student

Beverley describes her thoughts and feelings on returning to the University of Northampton to study a Master’s degree, and shares her insights on life as a mature student.

12 September 2023

What to expect at a UCAS Fair

Going to a UCAS exhibition is a brilliant way to find out more about the universities you’re interested in and the courses they offer. This blog provides some useful tips…

4 September 2023

A quick guide to the new students’ enrolment process

Read this if you're enrolling at the University of Northampton in autumn 2023. A fast guide to student enrolment at UON

22 August 2023

A student guide to journalling

Student nurse Dorcas Salako shares her very personal student guide to journalling while at university and beyond. Dorcas turned to writing to help make sense of the changes in her…

18 May 2023

A quick guide to making the most of your study time

Biomedical Sciences student Laurie shares her insights and tips on how to make the most of your studies at the University of Northampton.  

9 May 2023

My UON Transfer Journey: Year 2 Adult Nursing

Luis expresses his thoughts and feelings throughout the process of transferring to the University of Northampton and shares his insights to moving to a new environment.

21 April 2023

Why Study Accounting and Finance at the University of Northampton?

These are the Top 5 reasons to study BSc Accounting and Finance at the University of Northampton

24 March 2023

Black, (Un)Like Me: #Embrace Equity?

Dr Marcella Daye explores race equality and International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

9 March 2023

“There is Courage in Speaking Up” – Using the University’s Mental Health Services

Psychology and Counselling student, Jesutomisin, shares her experience of using the counselling and mental health services provided by the University and encourages others to speak up.

19 December 2022

Gaining New Skills and Work Experience While Studying

Janine writes about the wide variety of work experiences she’s gained and the importance of keeping on top of University emails to make the most of any new opportunities.

12 December 2022

Why Changemaker could help you figure your life out.

The writer describes how the Changemaker Hub team enabled her to feel more confident in stepping outside of her comfort zone, in order to make important decisions for her future…

10 November 2022