Course Title Award UCAS Code
Accounting (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Accounting and Finance BA/BSc (Hons) N420
Acting BA (Hons) W410
Acting (Creative Theatre) BA (Hons) W411
Advertising (Joint Honours) BA/ BSc (Hons)
Advertising and Digital Marketing BA (Hons) N564
Applied Criminal Justice Studies (Top-Up) BA (Hons) M212
Architectural Technology BSc (Hons) K210
Art and Design (Foundation Diploma) Foundation Diploma
Banking and Financial Planning BSc (Hons) N391
Biology BSc (Hons) C100
Business HND 001N
Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Business and Accounting (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N1N4
Business and Business Entrepreneurship (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N1NF
Business and Management Top-up BA (Hons) N250
Business Computing (Systems) BSc (Hons) G503
Business Computing (Systems) HND 205G
Business Computing (Systems) Top-up BSc (Hons) G504
Business Computing (Web Design) HND 205G
Business Computing (Web Design) BSc (Hons) IN21
Business Entrepreneurship FdA N000
Business Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) NN13
Business Entrepreneurship (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
Business Entrepreneurship Top-up BA (Hons)
Business Studies BA (Hons) N100
Childhood and Youth BA (Hons) L590
Cleaning Management (Distance Learning) University Certificate
Commercial and Creative Photography HND 056W
Computer Games Development HND 016I
Computer Games Development BSc (Hons) II67
Computer Networks Engineering BEng (Hons)/ MEng G421
Computer Systems Engineering BEng (Hons)/ MEng I200
Computing BSc (Hons) G400
Computing HND 204G
Computing (Computer Networks Engineering) HND 024G
Computing (Computer Networks Engineering) BEng (Hons)/ MEng I120
Computing (Computer Systems Engineering) BEng (Hons)/ MEng I200
Computing (Computer Systems Engineering) HND 004G
Computing (Graphics and Visualisation) HND 054G
Computing (Graphics and Visualisation) BSc (Hons) G450
Computing (Mobile Computing) BSc (Hons) G420
Computing (part-time) HNC
Computing (Software- Engineering) HND 106G
Computing (Software- Engineering) BSc (Hons) G600
Computing (Web Technology and Security) HND 005G
Computing (Web Technology and Security) BSc (Hons) G451
Creative Writing BA (Hons) W800
Creative Writing (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
Criminology BA (Hons) M930
Criminology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Dental Nursing FdSc B750
Digital Film Production HND 216W
Drama BA (Hons) W400
Drama (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) X310
Early Childhood Studies (Top-up) BA (Hons)
Early Years Foundation Degree FdA 5X39
Economics BSc (Hons) L101
Economics (Joint Honours) BA/ BSc (Hons)
Economics and Accounting (Joint Honours) BA/ BSc (Hons) L1N4
Economics and Business (Joint Honours) BA/ BSc (Hons) L1N1
Education Studies BA (Hons) X310
Education Studies (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons)/ MEng H600
Electromechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)/ MEng H101
Engineering HND 001H
Engineering BSc (Hons) H100
Engineering (Top-up) BSc (Hons) H100
English BA (Hons) Q300
English (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
English and Drama (Joint Honours) BA (Hons) Q3W4
English and Education Studies Joint Honours BA/BSc (Hons) Q3X3
Environmental Science BSc (Hons) F750
Events Management BA (Hons) N820
Events Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Events Management Top-up BA (Hons)
Fashion BA (Hons) W230
Fashion Marketing BA (Hons) NWM2
Fashion (Textiles for Fashion) BA (Hons) W231
Fashion Promotion and Communication BA (Hons) N560
Film and Screen Studies (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Fine Art MA
Fine Art Painting and Drawing BA (Hons) W120
Footwear and Accessories BA (Hons) W220
Games Art BA (Hons) I630
Geography BSc (Hons) F800
Geography (Human Geography) BSc (Hons) L700
Geography (Physical Geography) BSc (Hons) F640
Graphic Communication BA (Hons) W210
Heath and Social Care FdSc L511
Health and Social Care (Top-up) BSc (Hons) L512
Heath Studies (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) HLTA
History BA (Hons) V100
History (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
History and Education Studies Joint Honours BA (Hons) V1X3
History and English BA/BSc (Hons) V1Q3
Human Bioscience BSc (Hons) B190
Human Bioscience (with Foundation Year) BSc (Hons) B191
Human Geography (Joint Honours) BSc (Hons)
Human Resource Management BA (Hons) N600
Human Resource Management (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
Human Resource Management and Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N6N1
Illustration BA (Hons) W220
Infection Control University Certificate (distance learning) University Certificate
Interior Design BA (Hons) W250
International Accounting BSc (Hons) N401
International Accounting Top-up BSc (Hons)
International Business BSc (Hons) N121
International Business Communications (Top-up) BA (Hons)
International Development BA (Hons) L901
International Development (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
International Development and Economics (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) L9L3
International Development and Human Geography (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) L9L7
International Hospitality Management Top-up BA (Hons) N862
International Logistics and Trade Finance Top-up BA (Hons) JN93
International Relations and Politics BA (Hons)
International Tourism Management BA (Hons) N830
International Tourism Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
International Tourism Management Top-up BA (Hons) N800
International Tourism Management and Events Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N891
Investigative Practice BA (Hons) L438
Law LLB (Hons) M100
Law (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Law (two-year intensive) LLB (Hons)
Law and Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) M1N1
Law and Criminology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) M1M9
Learning Disability Nursing Bsc (Hons) B703
Learning and Teaching FDLT 73X7
Learning and Teaching (Top-up) BA (Hons)
Leather for Fashion BA (Hons) W220
Leather Technology (Leather Science, Marketing or Business) BSc (Hons) J430
Leather Technology (Leather Science, Marketing or Business) top-up BSc (Hons) J43D
Leatherseller’s Certificate (Leather Science, Marketing and Business) Leatherseller’s Certificate
Leatherseller’s Diploma (Leather Science, Marketing or Business) University Diploma
Lift Engineering FdSc
Lift Engineering HNC
Management BA (Hons) N200
Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Management and Business Entrepreneurship (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N2N1
Management and International Tourism Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N2N8
Marketing (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Marketing and Advertising (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) 6NN1
Marketing and Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N5N1
Marketing and Events Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N5NV
Marketing and Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) N5N2
Marketing Management BA (Hons) N500
Marketing Management Top-up BA (Hons) N501
Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)/MEng
Media Production and Moving Image (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) P390
Media Production and Moving Image BA (Hons) P390
Media Production and Multimedia Journalism Joint Honours BA (Hons) P3P5
Multimedia Journalism BA/BSc (Hons)
Multimedia Journalism (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Multimedia Journalism and English Joint Honours BA (Hons) P5Q3
Music Production HND O93W
Non Destructive Testing FdSc
Non-Destructive Testing (Top-up) BSc (Hons)
Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons) B930
OCR Level 5 Diploma Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia University Diploma
Paramedic Science FdSc B781
Photography BA (Hons) W640
Photography (Top-Up) BA (Hons) W641
Podiatry BSc (Hons) B985
Policing BA (Hons) N478
Popular Music BA (Hons) W340
Popular Music (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) 093W
Primary Education 5-11 (QTS) BA (Hons) X120
Product Design BSc W240
Product Design HND 042W
Professional Practice (Top-up) BSc (Hons)
Psychology BSc (Hons) C800
Psychology – Developmental and Educational BSc (Hons) C891
Psychology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Psychology and Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C8N1
Psychology and Counselling BSc (Hons) BC98
Psychology and Drama (Joint Honours) BA/BSc C8W4
Psychology and Education Studies Joint Honours BA/BSc (Hons) C8X3
Psychology and English (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C8Q3
Psychology and Law (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C8M1
Psychology and Marketing (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C8N5
Social and Community Development BSc (Hons) L510
Social Care BSc (Hons) L500
Social Care (Joint Honours) BSc (Hons)
Social Care and Education Studies Joint Honours BA/BSc (Hons) L5X3
Social Care and Health Studies (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) L514
Sociology BA (Hons) L300
Sociology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
Sociology and Criminology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) L3M9
Sociology and Psychology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) L3C8
Special Educational Needs and Inclusion BA (Hons) X360
Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) C600/C603
Sport Development and Physical Education BA (Hons)
Sports Studies (Joint Honours) BSc (Hons)
Sports Studies and Education Studies (Joint Studies) BA/BSc (Hons) C6X3
Sport Studies and Business (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C6N1
Sport Studies and Management (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C6N2
Sport Studies and Multimedia Journalism Joint Honours BA (Hons) C6P5
Sports Studies and Psychology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons) C6C8
Sports Therapy BSc (Hons) C630
Sports Therapy FdSc C601
Sports Therapy (Top-up) BSc (Hons)
Supply Chain Leadership FdA
Theatre Practice HND 044W
Travel and Tourism Management HND
Wastes Management (Distance Learning) HNC
Youth Work Practice University Diploma



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