The Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) route is for graduates who do not have a job offer from an employer, but instead have an outstanding business idea that they wish to put into practice in the UK.

We have a central role in identifying graduates who have developed world class innovative ideas or entrepreneurial skills, and in endorsing and supporting them after graduation.

You cannot apply under the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) category if you are outside of the UK.

To find out whether you can make an application under Tier 1, please read the eligibility criteria at the UK Border Agency website.

If you meet the UK Border Agency criteria then you will be eligible to apply for the Tier 1 visa. You will need to have a genuine and credible business idea and will need to produce a business plan for this idea. The Enterprise Club are able to offer you support for creating your business plan if needed. Once you have completed your business plan, email it to

If your business plan is approved you will be invited to present and discuss your business plan to a selected panel.