Records Management


A record can be in any format, such as electronic or paper, and relates to information received or generated by us as a trigger for, or evidence of, a business transaction.

A record should:

  • have been created
  • contain information
  • be maintained as evidence (of a business activity or transaction)
  • be unique
  • have context

Every day the University’s Faculties and departments create records which need to be managed in an appropriate manner. Advice, guidance and training for all staff is available from the Records Management Office to ensure that the University’s records are managed and maintained in accordance with best practice.

Good management of the University’s records will ensure that the University:

  • complies with legislation
  • can provide evidence (of what was done and why)
  • risk of not being able to produce records is minimised (i.e. in a legal case)
  • will know what records it has and where they are
  • can continue business following a disaster
  • is accountable to stakeholders
  • is more effective and efficient
  • can save on storage costs

University policy and procedure

Records Management policy
Disposal of Records Procedure

Advice and guidance

Advice and guidance produced by the Records Management Office is available below:

Please contact us if you require advice, assistance or guidance on any other aspect of records management.


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