About The EU Aptitude Test

Please note that not you might not need to undertake all elements of the test. The NMC will advise you on your deficit within your decision letter. Your individual deficit, of either theory or practice, will be mapped against the NMC (2004) Standards of Education for Pre-Registration Nurses and NMC (2009) Standard of Education for Pre-registration Midwives. This initial process will indicate to the University of Northampton which elements of the EU Aptitude Test that you need to achieve in order to successfully gain registration with the NMC in the UK. You will be notified of the test elements required at point of registration with the University of Northampton.

Testing will be offered over a two-day period four times a year and you can choose which date is most suitable for you. You will need to pass the test elements in order, to proceed to the next part of the test. Tests can be taken on separate occasions, however, please note that a maximum of only two tests can be undertaken in one day.

All elements of the test must be sat and passed within two years of your decision letter from the NMC to enable you to be eligible for entry to the UK register.

If you require any further information regarding your eligibility for the EU Aptitude Test please contact the NMC for further advice.

Aptitude Test elements

The four test elements that make up the EU Aptitude Test are:

  1. Multiple Choice Question paper 1 (MCQ1)
  2. Multiple Choice Question paper 2 (MCQ2)
  3. Short Answer Question Paper (SAQ)
  4. Practical Examination (OSCE)

How to prepare for your EU Aptitude Test

We have a range of downloads available that will aid and support your EU Aptitude Test preparation. We highly recommend that you take the time to read the Candidate information booklet.

Support available

It is essential that you prepare for your EU Aptitude Test and we recommend at least 14 days preparation time from the booking of your test date to the actual test to sufficiently prepare yourself. On successful registration and fee payment to The University of Northampton, you will receive access to additional resources relevant to the test such as manuals, videos and recommended reading.

Test Centre location

All elements of the EU Aptitude Test will be taken in a purpose built Test Centre based at the University of Northampton Innovation Centre. The Innovation Centre is located opposite Northampton Train Station, meaning there is an easy commute from major cities directly to the test centre.

Get directions to the Test Centre.

Available accommodation for candidates

You are responsible for arranging your own accommodation, the following accommodation is located close to the test centre:

Read more about the introductory information for EU candidates


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