Needs Assessment Centre – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Booking an Assessment

When is the next available appointment?

The waiting time for the next Needs Assessment appointment is within 15 working days.

The KPI for appointment time is 15 working days.

How soon will the NAC reply to queries and questions?

The NAC will make an acknowledgement of any contact within one working day. The query or question will be responded to as soon as possible or within a maximum timeframe of 10 working days.

How can I book a needs assessment at the NAC?

Contact us via telephone, email or in person. Or if you prefer fill in our online booking form.

Telephone: 01604 892668


What do I need to book an appointment?

To confirm your appointment you need your DSA eligibility letter as well as a copy of your medical evidence.  You will also be asked to complete a pre-assessment form. If you are unable to complete this form online, please contact the NAC.

Your needs assessment

Do I have to pay for the assessment?

Your Funding Body pays for your assessment. We charge £650, however we invoice the Funding Body directly and you do not get involved with this process.

The fee will include a comprehensive report reflecting on your study needs for the duration of your course. It will also include any liaison with the Funding Body, University, equipment suppliers or any further queries you may have.

How long will my assessment take?

The appointment is likely to take between 1-2 hours; the exact length of time depends on the complexity of your individual needs.

Do I need to bring anything to the assessment?

No.  All documents need to be sent to the centre prior to your assessment.

Where can I park my car on the day of my assessment?

Needs Assessment Centre – Northampton: you can request a parking space at the time of booking.  The space is located close to the centre. There are Accessible parking spaces outside the centre.

After your assessment

When will I receive my Needs Assessment Report?

After your assessment has been completed, your assessor will write a Needs Assessment Report (NAR) outlining the recommendations based on what was discussed. You should receive the report within 10 working days from the date of your assessment.

A copy of your final report will be sent to you, to your Funding Body and with your consent to your University.

I opted for a draft version of my report. What should I do?

If you requested a draft copy of your report you have 5 working days to respond.  If you do not respond within these 5 days the report will be sent to your Funding Body.


I received a DSA2 Notification of Entitlement letter. What is it?

The entitlement letter (DSA2 Notification of Entitlement) from your Funding Body confirms what equipment and support they have agreed to fund.  Follow the instructions written on this letter.

If you require help with ordering equipment, you can show this letter to your Disability Coordinator/Adviser at your university, who may be able to help you.

Is the equipment provided under warranty and/or insurance?

Equipment (hardware only) supplied by the chosen DSA supplier will be covered by insurance and warranty for the duration of your course.

We advise you to fill in and return any warranty or registration cards / online forms provided with your equipment; these entitle you to a certain amount of support from the manufacturers.

I already have my own equipment. What will happen?

If your computer meets the required specification to run the recommended software, you can continue to use your own machine.

If you have your own suitable computer, make sure that its insurance and warranty are extended to cover your course of study.  DSA may be able to fund the insurance and warranty cover for your existing personal computer.  It is essential that you let your Funding Body know if you are unable to extend your insurance or warranty.

How do I organise the exam adjustments discussed during the assessment?

Any exam recommendations have to be approved by your university.  Contact your Disability Coordinator/Adviser as soon as possible to find out how to organise these adjustments.

How do I get a refund for my consumables?

If recommended and approved, start keeping receipts for consumables, for example printing costs as these costs can be reimbursed by your Funding Body if you have suitable receipts.

Consent for Sensitive Personal Data Processing

Please download our Consent for Sensitive Personal Data Processing document (PDF, 63KB)

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