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Trust and Agencies processes and payments

We cater for group and block bookings from Trusts and Agencies. Whilst we appreciate that there may be internal demands within your Trusts, we request that all Trusts contact us as soon as possible if they have candidates that they wish to sit the OSCE within a certain time period. We cannot guarantee that your candidates will be assessed on or by certain days. To formally request a booking, please email

We will try to accommodate your request for specific dates but if we are unable to provide the exact requested date, we will always try to provide you with reasonable alternatives. We will confirm your test date once full payment has been received. To understand the process of the Test of Competence, please refer to the NMC website for the most up to date guidance.

Booking Process

Once your candidate has received confirmation of eligibility from the NMC to sit the Test of Competence, you can contact us to book in the following ways:

You can contact us individually to arrange payment and book a place on an individual test day.
You can confirm your candidates to us and make a payment.
Candidates will receive password protected access to the Nursing and Midwifery Fields section of this website, which will provide them with all the information they will need to prepare themselves for the OSCE.

Please note that we strongly recommend at least 14 days access to the online material in order to help candidates prepare sufficiently for the test.

NMC Process

Following the test, an Identification Check will be conducted by the NMC on-site where all original documents submitted as part of the application process to the NMC will be verified. Please see the NMC website for further details.

Length of Test

Candidates are in the Test Centre for approximately three hours for the Legacy Test of Competence 2014 and approximately three and a half hours for the Test of Competence 2021.

Cost of test

For current test and resit* prices, please contact

* A partial resit will be required if you fail either the skills or care journey stations. A full resit will be required if you failed all six stations

Should you need to book a resit, please allow at least ten working days between the original test date and the resit date for additional preparation and digestion of feedback. Please contact to book this.

Trusts and Agencies can change their candidate’s test dates, however it is important to note our cancellation and rescheduling policyand take into account those timescales. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your candidate(s) exam, please contact

Methods of Payment

We cater for all methods of payment, either via payment card (except AMEX), or invoice (with a purchase order number if applicable).

Payment via invoice is expected within 28 days, however, once we have received the purchase order number (if applicable), or you have received the invoice (once confirming your booking to us via email) we can process your candidates.

When making a payment, please note that we will require the following information to be sent to

Name of organisation
Best contact name and contact details
Registered address
Purchase order Number (if applicable)
Names of candidates and candidate ID numbers

NMC Test of Competence Refund Policy

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