How to Apply For the Test

Applying for the OSCE

The Northampton Test Centre provides the NMC Test of Competence Nursing, Nursing Associate or Midwifery Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). In order to apply for this test, please ensure that you have received eligibility confirmation from the NMC. Please refer to the NMC website for the most up to date guidance on the registration process.

Please note that the Test Centre has selected dates available for all OSCE’s, but are limited in number for Child, Learning Disability and Mental Health Nursing and also Midwifery. Please ensure that you have secured a test date prior to making any travel arrangements. We cannot guarantee a preferred date but will be able to give alternative options where possible.

For all booking and pre-booking enquiries, please contact the CTC at the following email addresses:

For all enquiries in relation to the Adult Nursing, Child Nursing, Learning Disability Nursing, Mental Health Nursing or Midwifery OSCEs, please contact
For all enquiries in relation to the Nursing Associate OSCE (including EU), please contact 
For all enquiries in relation to the EU Aptitude Tests and OSCE, please contact

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