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Service Users – Health and Social Care

The Faculty of Health and Society support Service Users and Carers in their engagement with our teaching and learning activities. We are an enthusiastic group that aims to enhance the education of Health and Social Care students at the University, through sharing our lived experience with students and adding value to the community. We are privileged to have members with a rich wealth of experience as part of our group.

Our members are involved in developing learning and teaching resources, sharing their experiences in a variety of settings and actively engaging in research with us.

The group, which formed in 2005, formally meets three times a year at the University of Northampton. Between the three big meetings each year group members are also contacted individually and are invited to take part in a range of activities across the Faculty of Health and Society.

Students benefit hugely from this group through the use of real-life experience to inform additional learning resources and the development of what we teach and how they learn, here’s what they have to say about their experience of the group:

“Working at the University of Northampton as a Service User has been an immensely interesting life experience. Being involved with such a diverse group of people is stimulating and the seminars and meetings are very lively and informative.” – Michelle Walker, 2017.

“Being an active member of the Service-user and Carer Forum at the University has been a rewarding opportunity for me to share my lived experience with students and staff and develop new skills.” – Jane Taylor, 2017.

“I find working with the University very fulfilling and educational in the widest way. I find at my age I can still learn something every day and meeting the University Staff, students and other members of the group most enlightening and very valuable to me as an individual and to others I work with in Pensioners Forum, the Veterans Club etc. I would love to do more.” – Roger Rumsey, 2017.

Anyone who has been a service user or carer can become involved in the group. If you are interested in getting involved in the Service Users and Carers group, please contact Sara Simons for more information.


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