Academic partnerships

As part of our Changemaker commitment, we work together with a number of global academic partners to widen access to higher education and enhance the learning experience that our students receive. The processes that underpin these activities have been designed against Chapter B10 of the Quality Code: Management of Collaborative Arrangements.


We work in partnership with Northamptonshire County Council, Derby County Council and the Northampton Student Landlords Network (NSLN) to offer students a list of regulated private accommodation.

Local communities

The University engages with local communities by:

  • researching the demand for and barriers to, lifelong learning opportunities
  • working with the public, private, voluntary and community sectors
  • representing the university throughout the region developing events that encourage lifelong learning

University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

The University of Northampton is proud to be a co-sponsor in two University Technical Colleges (UTCs). UTCs are a relatively new concept in education and are designed to offer 14-19 year olds an opportunity to take full time, technically oriented courses.