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Education and Engagement for Sustainable Development


Students living in halls are scored termly via an environmental scorecard by the Safety, Health & Environment team and if successful with full marks they receive goodies such as fairtrade chocolate.

Our environmental student’s most up to date sustainable projects around the campus can be found on twitter.


Cycle to Work Scheme

The university deliver the Government Cycle to Work scheme, allowing staff to purchase a bike via monthly salary sacrifice payments, tax free. The university’s provider is Cycle Solutions. Staff can browse their products and make a purchase via their website or from a list of approved local suppliers (independent stores in Northampton). Cycle Solutions will then verify you with HR and send you the necessary contract to sign. The bike and any accessories are then delivered to you and salary sacrifice payments commence in your next payroll.

The agreement is a lease scheme but allows you to purchase the bike at the end of the term for a small fee. Cycle Solutions can provide you with further information once you have selected your purchase and before you sign the contract.

The scheme is open to the University of Northampton employees and employees of University of Northampton Enterprises Ltd (UNEL).

Please note you must visit the university’s dedicated Cycle Solutions web page: https://www.cyclesolutions.

Benefits of the scheme

The main benefits of joining this scheme are:

  • A 10% discount from the retail price of most bicycles and safety equipment
  • Additional income tax and National Insurance savings can lead to savings of up to 42% off the shop floor price of the bike and accessories
    choose from the widest range of bicycles available in the UK
  • Cycle Solutions will provide an 18-month warranty (instead of the usual 12-month cover)
  • Spread the cost of your bike and accessories
  • No finance charges
  • Enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle
  • Make your salary go further each month

Sustainability Forum

The Sustainability forum is one of the Northamptonshire Industry Led Forums powered by the University of Northampton to support Northamptonshire Businesses – across all sectors and sizes.  All forums are open to those in the field to share best practice and be updated on a wide range of topics and collaborate on issues and find out how the university can support businesses.

Members of the sustainability forum cover sectors such as logistics, food & drink, manufacturing, housing and healthcare.  Recent topics discussed include:

Legislation, Biodiversity, recycling, clean air & low emission zones, funding, student projects, in house projects around sustainability, sharing best practice, EV and charging points.

For further information on the Northamptonshire Industry Led Forums please see our Northamptonshire Industry Led Forums and Events 2020 listing.

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