The Terms of Reference and membership for 2015-16 will be approved at the first meeting of SEC in the Autumn Term of 2015.

Terms of Reference

To recommend to Senate for approval:

  • New and substantive revisions to University regulations and academic policies, including those within the University Modular Framework, particularly in relation to admissions, assessment and progression.

To assure Senate annually:

  • Through the Annual Report to Senate on the Quality of Learning Opportunities that the University systematically reviews and enhances the provision of learning opportunities and teaching practices, and has systems in place to monitor and evaluate arrangements and resources which enable students to develop their academic, personal and professional potential. (Chapters B3 and B4 of the QAA Quality Code)

On behalf of Senate:

  • To enhance the student experience and learning opportunities for all students both on and offsite by responding to assurance process outcomes (for example; student surveys, the views of the student representatives).
  • To promote effective practice in learning, teaching and assessment, including feedback to students and student academic support in order to enhance the student experience.
  • To review the outcomes of the National Student Survey and other feedback from students and ensure issues are addressed and responses published.
  • To develop, monitor and review policy in relation to the admission of students including credit transfer, APEL and English Language requirements.
  • To monitor the operational arrangements in respect of the implementation of regulations and policies including communication with students and staff.
  • To monitor and review the provision of appropriate, accurate and timely information for students by the most accessible medium.
  • To monitor, review and develop the arrangements for student support both academic and pastoral.
  • To monitor and review the development of policy and practice, data and external requirements in relation to access and achievement.
  • To monitor national and international developments in relation to academic policy and respond accordingly.
  • To monitor and review the curriculum to ensure that the University’s strategic objectives are met (for example; internationalisation and employability).
  • To ensure that the University is compliant in relation to its legal responsibilities in relation to students, including the embedding of current   Equality and Diversity policies.


  • To approve an annual report on the activities of the committee.


  • Chair (Executive Dean with responsibility for Student Experience)
  • Dean/Deputy Dean (Deputy Chair)
  • Director of Student and Academic Services
  • Deputy Director of Student and Academic Services
  • Changemaker Project Lead
  • Director of Learning and Teaching Institute
  • Up to 2 representatives from each School including Chairs of School Student Experience Committees
  • Head of Library and Learning Services
  • Head of Student Services (or nominee)
  • Director of University Centre for Employability and Engagement
  • Head of Quality and Academic Partnerships
  • Sabbatical Officer, Students’ Union
  • Student Voice Coordinator, Students’ Union
  • Director of Higher Education, Moulton College (or nominee)
  • Head of IT Services (or nominee)
  • Assistant Director, UK Recruitment
  • Head of Learning Technology and Media Support
  • Head of Learning and Teaching: Policy
  • Chair of Inclusive Student Experience Group