The REC Terms of Reference and membership for 2015-16 were approved by REC on 14 October 2015 and confirmed at Senate on 4 November 2015.

Terms of Reference

To recommend to Senate for approval:

1. The strategic direction for research and enterprise and related policies.

2. New Institutes for initial approval.

3. Nominations for the appointment of Emeritus Professors, Visiting Professors and Fellows.

4. Policies developed in relation to research and enterprise, intellectual property rights, patenting and research ethics.

To advise Senate on:

5. Resource allocation in support of research and enterprise.

6. University strategy for the appointment of Professors, Associate Professors and Readers.

On behalf of Senate:

7. To develop, monitor and review the implementation and effectiveness of the Research and Enterprise strand of the strategic plan.

8. To promote and facilitate research and enterprise activity across the institution in line with the strategic plan and to promulgate successes and achievements.

9. To monitor and to annually review the achievement and effectiveness of the Institutes and ‘SMART actions’ against trend analysis of the University’s Key Performance Indicators for Research and Enterprise.

10. To monitor developments in research ethics and to recommend appropriate actions to ensure ethical research practices throughout the institution.

11. To monitor developments in intellectual property and patenting and to develop, implement and monitor appropriate procedures.

12. To monitor national and international developments in research and knowledge transfer and to respond appropriately.

13. To monitor Professor and Reader appointment practice across Schools.

14. To monitor academic standards and oversee the University’s preparations for the QAA Higher Education Review as regards Level 8 study (research students).

Membership 2015-2016

  • Chair (Director with responsibility for Research and Enterprise)
  • Deputy Chair
  • Chairs of School Research and Enterprise Committees
  • Chair of Research Degrees Committee
  • Chair of Research Ethics Committee
  • Representative for Professors, Associate Professors and Readers
  • Representative from Moulton College
  • Representative from Research and Strategic Bidding Office
  • Representative from REF working group
  • Research Support Librarian
  • Curriculum and/or Student Experience representative
  • Student representative
  • Elected academic staff representatives from Senate (normally 4)
  • Enterprise experts from Schools (normally 3)
  • Institute of Health and Wellbeing representative
  • Representative for Leather
  • Representative for Institute of Public Safety, Crime and Justice