Below are the Terms of Reference for 2016-17 for the Faculty Quality and Standards Committees (formerly the Quality Standards and Enhancement Committees).


1. To assure AQSC that the Annual Review process is being conducted appropriately via the consideration of the arrangements for, the progress with and the outcomes from Annual Review Action Plans (ARAPs) and the Faculty Action Plans (FAPs).

2. To monitor the preparation for internal and external scrutiny of the Faculty’s provision and to monitor and respond to outcomes as appropriate. To ensure that staff involved in review have appropriate support and training.

3. To contribute to institutional level external audit.

4. To ensure that systems are in place to approve and monitor non-credit bearing short courses, module-level collaborations and continuing professional development provided by the Faculty.


5. To assure AQSC that there are mechanisms in place for the dissemination and development of good practice arising from internal and external monitoring leading to enhancement of the Faculty’s taught provision.

6. To ensure that the University’s procedures for facilitating the enhancement of students’ learning opportunities are adhered to within the Faculty.


7. To address any issue relating to academic standards arising out of the Annual Review cycle, in relation to student retention, progression and achievement.

Validation and Change of Approval:

8. To ensure that the Faculty complies with University quality assurance procedures and that an audit trail is established.

9. To monitor the progress of new curriculum development/changes to existing provision through validation/Type C Changes of Approval. To establish monitoring processes to ensure the following:

  • Published deadlines within the Validation and Change of Approval Handbooks are adhered to
  • Documentation is accurate and in accordance with University regulations and external requirements
  • Development and support is provided to the Programme Teams undergoing these processes
  • The extent and impact of Type C changes are kept under scrutiny via the receipt of a Change of Approval Log

10. To consider and approve Type B Changes of Approval and to monitor the extent and impact of such changes via the receipt of a Change of Approval Log.

External Examiners:

11. To ensure that all provision has appointed External Examiners in accordance with the University criteria and to review and approve nominations for submission on behalf of the Faculty to AQSC.

12. To annually oversee the allocation of modules to each External Examiner.

13. To ensure that responses are made to all External Examiners annual reports and that the Faculty takes action as appropriate.

Student voice:

14. To ensure all students are given the opportunity to feedback on the quality of the taught provision owned by the Faculty and comments fed back to the student body.

15. To ensure that student programme representatives are elected and take part in the work of the Student-Staff Liaison Committees including raising issues, receiving responses and feeding back to the students they represent.

Collaborative Provision:

16. To monitor modules and programmes delivered in association with support providers/delivery organisations/partners (UK and International) through the usual outputs of the quality assurance process together with the additional sources of information available, for example regular feedback from Partnership Managers/Programme Leaders with responsibility for Collaborative Provision, annual reports on Collaborative Provision modules and programmes and University data support providers/delivery organisations/partners.

17. To monitor and maintain oversight of the currency and sustainability of articulation and progression arrangements.

18. To ensure that processes to approve and monitor Collaborative Provision staff are being carried out effectively with the support of Academic Partnerships and Planning Office and to approve public information at programme level produced by collaborating organisations.

19. To annually monitor and check for accuracy all registers and to report back to AQSC on the accuracy of these. To annually monitor and check for accuracy all Faculty level records of Collaborative Provision – e.g. module collaborations, venue providers, Placement/Work-Based Learning, Study Abroad.


20. To consider and report on matters referred to it by Senate or its committees and to refer issues arising from the Faculty business to Senate or one of its committees as appropriate.


Chair (Dean or Deputy Dean)
Subject Leaders