The AQSC Terms of Reference and membership for 2016-17 are below. These are subject to the approval of AQSC and Senate in October 2016.

Terms of Reference

To recommend to Senate for approval matters relating to the quality and standards of University awards:

1. Policy and strategy for academic standards and quality assurance in relation to all taught programmes.

2. New and substantial amendments to the Academic Regulations.

To assure Senate annually:

3. Through the Annual Report to Senate on Academic Quality and Standards that the University’s academic quality and standards are being maintained and processes for quality enhancement are secure.

On behalf of Senate to co-ordinate the institutional quality strategy:

4. To approve and review the University arrangements for the management of quality and standards, including the arrangements for the approval of Collaborative Provision arrangements and programmes, for review and amendment to all taught programmes in accordance with University policy, external requirements and guidelines.

5. To approve on behalf of Senate new programmes, Collaborative Provision arrangements and the reviews of existing programmes resulting from the arrangements (4 above). To report the outcomes to Senate.

6. To ensure that the requirements of the Teaching Excellence Framework are met and maximise the outcomes for the students and the University. (This will be shared with SEC to ensure that all aspects are addressed.)

7. To approve and review the University’s procedures to quality assure learning opportunities in relation to all taught programmes of study regardless of mode of delivery or the location of the point of delivery and that all quality related issues are properly addressed and satisfactorily resolved.

8. To ensure appropriate systems are in place for the nomination, appointment and reporting of External Examiners. To report to Senate on appointments made.

9. To ensure that mechanisms are in place to listen to the views of students, to respond effectively and ensure outcomes are communicated back to the student body and provide for the involvement of student representation in quality assurance processes.

10. To ensure appropriate communication and dissemination on all matters relating to academic quality, standards and enhancement.

11. To receive the minutes of the following committees/panels and through them monitor compliance with quality assurance and enhancement policy and procedures:

  • Faculty Quality and Standards Committees
  • Academic Audit and Review Committee
  • Change of Approval Panel
  • Risk Assessment and Approval Panel
  • Collaborative Quality Forum

12. On behalf of Senate to manage all aspect of external liaison in relation to academic quality and standards.

13. To oversee the preparation for and institutional organisation of, external quality assurance processes, including reviews by government, public or statutory bodies.

14. To approve plans for the follow-up action to external quality assurance processes and reports on the implementation and effectiveness of measures to address recommendations.

15. To co-ordinate the University’s compliance with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

16. To monitor national and international developments in respect of academic quality and standards and to respond on behalf of the University as required.


17. To approve an annual report on the activities of the Committee.


  • Chair (Executive Dean)
  • Deputy Chair (from *)
  • Deputy Director of Student and Academic Services or nominee
  • Head of Quality
  • Head of Learning and Teaching Development: Policy and Practice
  • Head of the Graduate School
  • Head of Library and Learning Services
  • Head of IT Services
  • Head of Business Intelligence and Management Information Unit
  • Chairs of FQSC, Dean or Deputy Dean.*
  • One representative from each Faculty including two Senate members to ensure all Faculties are represented.
  • Chair of Academic Audit and Review Committee
  • Chair of the Change of Approval Panel
  • Chair of the Risk Assessment and Approval Panel
  • Chair of the Collaborative Quality Forum
  • Sabbatical Officer from the Students’ Union
  • A representative from Moulton College
  • Director of Student and Academic Services (ex-officio)

Other members of staff will be invited to attend for specific items depending upon the agenda.

Any member of staff may attend as an observer by prior arrangement with the Officer.