Academic Audit and Review Committee 2014-2015

Terms of Reference

(Sub Committee of the Academic Quality and Standards Committee)

1. To review and monitor processes in relation to the validation of academic partners and programmes and to identify issues, themes and good practice to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC).

2. To monitor responses to conditions of validation and review events.

3. To review and monitor processes in relation to Periodic Subject Reviews and the re-approval of academic partnerships and to identify issues, themes and good practice to AQSC.

4. In relation to Annual Review:

a) To report to AQSC on the effectiveness of the Annual Review process and any general recommendations.

b) To sample and audit the Rolling Action Plans (RAPs) from each school selected on the following basis:

i.   A selection of International and Franchise Partner RAPS

ii. Those RAPS with 3 ‘red indicators’

iii. A sample of RAPS with UK based Collaborative Provision arrangements

iv. All RAPS with significant concerns expressed by External Examiners

v. Final Rolling Action Plans (FRAPS)

vi. To identify provision at risk and examples of good practice.

5. To undertake, as directed by AQSC, any studies of administrative, monitoring and regulatory processes relating to the quality and standards of taught programmes.

6. To review and monitor School Annual Reviews and refer matters of concern and good practice to the pertinent Committee of Senate.

7. To identify provision that would benefit from the focus of forthcoming Periodic Subject Reviews.

8. To produce an annual report to AQSC of the main issues which have arisen in that academic year.

9. To draw to the attention of AQSC possible issues of concern and evidence of good practice arising from validation reports (academic partnerships and programmes), Annual Reviews or Periodic Reviews of academic partnerships or programmes.

10. To audit, or to oversee audit within Schools, of curriculum/study information provided to students within Schools.


  • Chair (appointed by the Chair of AQSC)
  • Deputy Dean with responsibility for quality for each School
  • Deputy Director (Student and Academic Services) or nominee
  • Head of the Quality Unit
  • Co-opted members from Schools (at least 1 from each School)
  • Co-opted members from outside Schools with experience of quality assurance (up to 2 members)