Annual review

Annual Review refers to the process by which programmes and modules are monitored and reviewed on an annual cycle.

The Annual Review process at the University of Northampton identifies opportunities for enhancement and innovation and ensures that identified issues are addressed through specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) action plans. This is to ensure that all provision meets the needs of students, staff and all other stakeholders such as professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs).

The Annual Review process ensures the compatibility of provision with the aims and objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan and Changemaker Plus. It also ensures that external requirements are met, particularly in relation to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Subject Benchmark Statements and the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ).

The key elements of the Annual Review process are the Annual Review Action Plans (ARAPs) which are carried out at programme/subject level. The ARAPs enable Programme/Subject Teams to address issues as they occur and identify opportunities for enhancement and the sharing of good practice.

It is the role of the Faculty Academic Committees (FACs) to ensure that ARAPs and the Faculty Action Plans (FAPs) are being carried out/produced in a timely manner and follow due process. FACs report to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) on issues emerging from the Annual Review process.

The Annual Review process is maintained by the Quality Unit which ensures that the process continues to be proportionate, robust and meets the requirements of the QAA UK Quality Code. The Annual Review Handbook is maintained by the Quality Unit to ensure its continuing accuracy and currency.

The Annual Review process is informed by dashboard data provided by the Business Intelligence Management Information (BIMI) unit as well as other sources of information such as the outcomes of student surveys, Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and External Examiner reports.

For more in-depth information and access to the related templates please see the Annual Review Handbook.

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