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About our University

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Here you can find out more about the key aspects of the University of Northampton. Information on this page includes our mission, values and key behaviours, plus some background to our home since 2018, Waterside campus.

You can also gain insights into our commitment to Changemaker, our social impact and sustainability goals, student life, learning and teaching, research and our strategic alliances.

Transforming Lives and Inspiring Change.

Transforming lives and inspiring change is the mission of the University of Northampton. It is also our strategic plan for success. The three factors most critical for our success are:

  • We create social impact
  • We are super supportive
  • We are future focused

Our progress towards achieving our objectives is supported by:

  • Our brand new, state of the art Waterside campus
  • Our four Changemaker Challenges
  • Our values and key behaviours

Values and Key Behaviours.

The University’s values are:

  • Delivering: a student experience of the highest quality
  • Entrepreneurial: the commitment to innovation, value for money and financial sustainability
  • Valuing: opportunity, diversity, a global perspective, inclusion and equality for all
  • Enabling: a culture of empowerment, responsibility, tolerance and excellence
  • Leading: enhancing the economic, social, cultural and creative life of those we work with across the world
  • Openness: transparency, adaptability, resilience, celebration of success
  • Performance: through continuous staff development and investment

We ensure that our staff our aligned to the University’s strategy by asking them to relate their objectives for the academic year to the development and improvement of nine Key Behaviours.

The Key Behaviours support the achievement of the Critical Success Factors.

Our values are illustrated in the following image:

Photo illustrating the Key Behaviours of University of Northampton.Click image to enlarge

(Image description: University of Northampton Value (DEVELOP). Three Critical Success Factors: Super Supportive, Future Focused, Social Impact. Leading to ten Key Behaviours: Developing Yourself and Others, Enabling Equability Diversity and Inclusion, Building Relationships, Delivering an Excellent Student or Customer Experience, Focusing on Research, Achieving Social Impact, Thriving in a Changing Environment, Enabling Digital Transformation, Delivering High Quality Performance, Focusing on Income and Advancement. Which encompass the Behaviour Types: Foundation, Service, Direction and Leadership.)

Waterside campus.

Waterside campus is the embodiment of our mission to transform lives and inspire change. With a £300m capital investment, we have transformed a 58 acre brownfield site in central Northampton into an innovative campus with our students at its heart.

The campus allows us to put our students first and is flexible to their changing needs, creating a University that teaches in a way that mirrors the skills our graduates will need when they are in employment. The campus has been purpose-built to adapt to 21st century teaching. It also provides 1,000 student bedrooms in flats and townhouses.

The campus has a positive impact on the environment. As part of the development we have constructed our own energy centre. This uses woodchip biomass and gas to heat hot water for all the buildings and student residencies and will save over 1,000 tons of CO2 in the short term.

The Students’ Union has a new home on the Waterside campus, in a Grade II listed former engine shed that fuses classic and modern design. In order to promote creative synergy, the Learning Hub and Creative Hub buildings house learning resources, staff, and spaces that would traditionally be separated.

Organisational Structure.

You can view our current Organisational Structure online (PDF, 64 KB).

  • A Super Supportive student experience is core to what we do. It is, at its heart, fundamentally about providing a personalised, emotional connection that transcends quality to transform individuals for the betterment of themselves and society. Our ambition is to deliver outstanding student success and value for money through personalised, holistic support.

    Student Life

    Without our students, we wouldn’t be a university. We believe a Vice Chancellor should have a thorough understanding of our student culture.

    Find out more about student life, and how we support our scholars, at the University of Northampton.

    The Northampton Employment Promise

    For eligible students who have not found full-time employment 12 months after graduating, the University will secure either a three to six month paid internship, or support to enter postgraduate study. Eligible students are those who complete an HND or achieve a 2:2 degree or above, and complete either an Employability Plus Gold programme or achieve a Changemaker Gold Certificate during their time studying with us. Read more about the Northampton Employment Promise on our page.

  • At Northampton, Active Blended Learning is our standard approach to learning and teaching. In preparation for the move to Waterside in 2018, all modules were redesigned to be delivered with an Active Blended Learning approach.

    Active learning involves students directly in the learning process. It requires students to do meaningful learning activities, process new information and think about what they are doing with it. In active learning, students are expected to contribute and discuss ideas, try out concepts and skills, create resources, and actively reflect.

    We have increased our focus on small-group teaching. Indeed, there is only one traditional lecture theatre on the new Waterside campus. Our approach aims seamlessly to blend face-to-face, online and offsite learning, making the most of the time of both students and lecturers. It puts students at the centre of their own learning by giving them more opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the subject.

    Typically, students begin by engaging with digital resources and completing sense-making tasks. Following this, face- to-face discussion with a member of staff, through a seminar, workshop, lab session or in the field is used for analysis, discussion, reflection and goal-setting.

    A final task consolidates the learning. Through it, students distil the outcomes and align them to learning objectives.

    Active involvement in small group situations and instant feedback is much closer to the world of work, producing more confident work-ready graduates. Learning is technology-enabled, making full use of our investment in technology and the possibilities of digital learning and content creation. Building on our technology, the University has an opportunity to become a sector leader in innovative pedagogy.

    This makes our offer more attractive to potential students, and allows us to recruit teachers who want to be really innovative in their practice. Read more about how we teach.

  • Find out more about our commitment to Changemaker and social impact on our Changemaker page.

    Our Changemaker Commitments

    We are committed to working towards a raft of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – read more on our Sustainable Development Goals page.

    Here our Chair of the Board of Governors, Mark Mulcahey, explains more about Changemaker

  • The University has five vibrant research institutes which reflect our social impact agenda, work on the Changemaker Challenges, and our particular research specialisms. These demonstrate how a university can produce high impact research through a sustainable self-funding model.

    Find out more about Research at UON.

  • The University of Northampton’s commitment to making a beneficial impact on communities and the environment was recognised for the second time in 2018 with the award of the ‘Social Enterprise Gold Mark’. This is given to organisations who are leaders in being open, honest and fair in terms of their governance procedures, business ethics and how they fund social and environmental impact projects.

    Lucy Findlay, Managing Director of Social Enterprise Mark Company CIC which gives the award, said she was impressed by, “the social enterprise leadership and social value for money that runs ‘like a stick of rock’ throughout the University. It’s not just words, it’s action – with students, the wider community and other partners.”

  • Alliances with strategic partners aim to create significant and sustainable value. This includes working with other bodies and companies on projects based on and in support of the Changemaker Challenges.

    Allying with high quality partners to provide ‘Education with Others’ drives student number growth, transforms lives and inspires change on a global scale.

    Our first international collaboration was approved with the University of Madras in 2010, and since then, in line with the Strategic Plan, the number of academic partnerships has increased significantly. Currently there are 18 UK and 17 international organisations approved for collaboration in the delivery of the University’s taught programmes.

    We also value and support strategic alliances with many other organisations, for example those with which we work in partnership on the Changemaker Challenges and on the delivery of technology.

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