The University of Northampton is an exempt charity within the meaning of the Charities Act.

To comply with a range of legal responsibilities, the Board of Governors operates a range of policies and procedures; further information on compliance activities is given below.

Current expenses for Vice Chancellor and Senior Staff are available to download. Previous periods of expenses are available to download.

The approval of policies, procedures, rules and regulation is as set out in the Scheme of Delegation.

The Senate approves academic regulations, rules and procedures.

In line with the CUC HE code of Governance, the University undertakes regular effectiveness reviews of its governance arrangements. The last effectiveness review was carried out in 2014-15.

Trade Union Facility Time

Our organisation

University of Northampton

For period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Employees in our organisation

  • 1,501 to 5,000 employees

Trade union representatives and full-time equivalents

  • Trade union representatives: 14
  • FTE trade union representatives: 12.26

Percentage of working hours spent on facility time

  • 0% of working hours: 3 representatives
  • 1 to 50% of working hours: 11 representatives
  • 51 to 99% of working hours: 0 representatives
  • 100% of working hours: 0 representatives

Total pay bill and facility time costs

  • Total pay bill: £55080496.00
  • Total cost of facility time: £64925.00
  • Percentage of pay spent on facility time: 0.12%

Paid trade union activities

  • Hours spent on paid facility time: 2784
  • Hours spent on paid trade union activities: 1512
  • Percentage of total paid facility time hours spent on paid TU activities: 54.31%