Graduate Raptor Consultancy

Now that you’ve graduated it is important to look at what is on your CV that makes you stand out from, potentially, hundreds of other applicants for jobs.

Transferable skills are good, but you can’t beat actual, demonstrable job experience in your field of expertise. After all, employers want to hire someone that can already show they can do the job and not cost £1000’s of wages while learning the role.

So how do you get experience when employers want you to already have experience, but aren’t necessarily willing to give you the chance?

This is where raptor comes in.

Working with us, you will gain experience that employers want, and that other candidates may not have. You will also make valuable connections to the business world, solidifying opportunities for employment. We know this because it’s happening to our consultants all the time.

We offer you training and the opportunity to join other student consultants to create your own franchised raptor team. What your team does is down to you but ultimately you should identify a “business” or revenue generating opportunity and then work to win a contract to deliver it.

This is real business experience and will not only give you invaluable experience, but will be a great way to earn money and work with businesses, graduates and students alike.


Before starting work in a raptor team, we will put you through an assessment day to see how you work and how dedicated you are to the team. If successful, you will be invited to join a team.

You will be joining or creating a team in one of six areas of specialty. Creative, Marketing, Events, Research, Digital and Business. If none of these teams feels like something you want to do, then you will have the option of creating or joining a Collaborative team. This team is really whatever you want it to be. Maybe you’ve seen an opportunity in healthcare or civil engineering; maybe a gap in the market for geology with a digital twist? You dream it, we’ll help you to get it going under the security of The University of Northampton’s raptor brand.

The Collaborative team has the biggest opportunity for delivering innovation. We don’t specify what skill sets the Collaborative team has, it is down to individuals from the most diverse degree cohorts to join together and identify a sustainable commercial opportunity. This team is not for the faint hearted and only those with significant drive and passion, for change and for their field of study, will be considered.

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