At the University of Northampton students are able to apply their learning in a way that not only secures them a job when they graduate, but also enables them to be resilient, innovative and socially aware individuals in the employment market. Through our Changemaker Campus commitment to social enterprise and innovation, our students develop the skills global employers seek – putting them ahead of the rest when it comes to securing employment. All students are given the opportunity to work in a social enterprise as a paid employee, volunteer or through a work placement. These opportunities enable students to earn money, apply their skills to benefit regional social enterprises and significantly enhance their employability.

Through our Changemaker student experience our graduates are equipped with the skills to stay ahead and create their own path and careers throughout their lives.

Changemaker Award

Unique to the University of Northampton and endorsed globally by the Ashoka U network, the Changemaker Award is a way for our students and graduates to ‘stand out from the rest’. All students are given the opportunity to complete the award up to ‘Gold’ level gaining a ‘Bronze’ and ‘Silver’ award as they progress. The Changemaker Awards focuses on developing an understanding of how students can solve social problems and become ‘Changemakers’ of the future. This extracurricular award allows students to develop an idea and addresses a problem in the world through a new social venture – whether that is a business in its own right or a different way of working that changes the way people view that problem. You will have the opportunity to plan and pilot a new product or business idea with the support of the University finance and design experts, ready to launch your new venture when you graduate.

The award is recognition of problem solving skills, creativity, and the ability to innovate by developing new collaborations and applying learning in new ways. Students are mentored by other students, with support from the academic staff across the University through an online portal. Students will be able to network with other students across the world through our Dialogue Cafe conferencing system and will have the opportunity to take part in eight week summer adventures in Kenya and other countries. As a graduate of the programme you will be internationally recognised by Ashoka U as a Changemaker of the future.