The University of Northampton is committed to developing graduates who are not only qualified to get their first graduate job but who have also developed the skills they need to progress through that job and move onto new opportunities. With a strong set of employability skills, a graduate has a secure base for any career changes in the future.

The Changemaker Hub works with students throughout their degree to develop and enhance employability skills. Finishing university with a good degree is great, graduating with a well rounded and complete set of employability skills is even better. There are a wide variety of additional opportunities to develop these skills including volunteering opportunities, work placements, internships, part time jobs and the opportunity to become a University Ambassador. Students are then supported to evidence these skills through their CV, job applications and interviews.

All students at the University of Northampton can take part in Employability Plus. Employability Plus is unique to the University of Northampton and provides the opportunity to gain more than just a good degree. It incentivises, rewards and recognises a student’s investment in activities taken part in outside of the degree programme; supporting them to ‘Give More, Get More, Be More’.