The University of Northampton offers all students extensive support throughout your studies. The Student Help Desk is your first port of call for help, information and advice and is located in both of the student centres at Park and Avenue Campus.

They can help you with student queries and give general advice on topics including:

  • your personal information changes
  • changes to your course or module
  • Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) queries
  • giving advice on administrative matters, for example the process for withdrawals or study breaks
  • mitigating circumstances and repeat year form
  • academic concerns
  • policy and regulation queries
  • assessment, ceremonies and exams concerns
  • NILE queries

They will also be able to support students in the following ways:

  • print replacement ID cards (£10 charge)
  • collect and process student assignments
  • students status letters
  • certificate collections
  • booking appointments for specialist student services: ASSIST, Counselling and Mental Health, Financial Guidance, International Student Support