Support is not limited to your personal tutor or Student Help Desk.  There are a number of support networks available to you throughout your studies that can include research support and help with applying for further assistance if you have additional needs.

Academic Advice Managers

Academic Advice Managers work in partnership with departments across the university to ensure an exemplary student experience.  They are available to provide students and University staff guidance on a variety of matters which may include progression, academic programmes, assessment, regulations, programme specific issues or professional course requirements.

Mitigating Circumstances applications, study break, course transfers and withdrawals also come under their remit, and they may be contacted to discuss the relevance of these options, and any implications.

For further information on which Academic Advice Manager to contact, please view the Undergraduate or Postgraduate handbook.

Academic Advice

Library and Learning Services have dedicated teams to help support you in your studies. The Academic Librarians can help you find information for your assignments and the Learning Development team is available to help you with developing your academic, mathematical and study skills. Both teams can advise on referencing. The teams offer workshops, drop in sessions, tutorials and online resources.