When you arrive, there are a few things to consider regarding money:

  • you should make sure that you have enough money for initial expenses like travel and food, as well as emergencies or unexpected costs
  • credit or debit cards are widely accepted throughout the UK, but cash may be preferred for small payments – there may be a minimum spend required when paying by card and in some smaller shops card payments might not be accepted
  • accommodation at the University is self-catered, so you will need to buy food when you arrive
  • there is a small supermarket on campus as well as restaurants serving hot and cold food. There are also many shops and supermarkets nearby.

Living costs

Living costs in Northampton including rent, food, clothes, books and spending money are approximately £8,000 to £10,000 a year for students.


We recommend that, after you arrive in the UK, you open a bank account as soon as possible. To open a bank account you will need to take with you to the bank:

  • your University student identity (ID) card – you will receive this when you enrol at the University of Northampton
  • a letter confirming that you are enrolled at the University
  • your passport

Branches of most major UK banks can be found near both Park and Avenue Campus and in Northampton town centre. There is a Santander branch on Park Campus and cash points are also available at both campuses.