What should I bring with me to face-to-face enrolment?

It is vital that you bring the following with you:

  1. Any correspondence that includes your eight digit Student ID number.
  2. Two forms of identification:
    a. one can be a credit or debit card, an EU card or a non-UK photo driving licence
    b. one must be a valid passport or UK photo driving licence.
    N.B. If you are a non-British passport holder we will need to scan your passport at face-to-face enrolment. Please note we are unable to enrol any student who does not provide the required two forms of identification.
  3. Original qualifications, original certificates/slips if you have not already submitted them.We will photocopy these if necessary.
  4. Confirmation of how you are paying your fees. Please bring any sponsor letters with you if you are being sponsored for your course, or your University or College
  5. Payment Advice from Student Finance England, unless you have already uploaded this.
  6. Your Accommodation Arrival Information email if you are moving into Halls of Residence.
  7. Your mobile telephone number if you have one.
  8. Your preferred personal email address if we do not already know it. If you do not have your own email you will be provided with a free University email account.

Please download our Getting Started brochure for more information about the enrolment process.

You will be met by a member of staff who will check your enrolment documentation. We will check your personal details and resolve any outstanding enrolment tasks. We will then take your photo and issue you with a Student ID card. This is also your Library card and allows access to Students’ Union events, so please keep it safe as a replacement charge will be incurred if this is lost or damaged.

Finance staff will be available if you have any finance queries and they will collect your Student Finance Status form if you have been given one. If you are paying your own fees and have not paid the required amount

Additional Needs

If you have a disability, medical condition, injury or other additional need that affects your mobility or ability to queue or manage crowded spaces, please contact ASSIST, who can support you with the enrolment process, including alternative accessible routes. ASSIST staff will be based in the Student Centre at Park Campus throughout Welcome Weekend and Welcome Week if you need to speak with them. Email assist@northampton.ac.uk or visit the Skills Hub for further information.

Fees and Funding

Tuition fees and the funding available to you depend on a wide variety of different factors. It is important to find out which apply to you before starting your course. When you enrol, you should bring all relevant documentation related to how you will pay your fees. Further information can be found on our fees and funding pages.

Contact the Financial Guidance team

If you have any queries about funding, you can contact the Financial Guidance team, who are based at the Student Centre, Park Campus on 01604 892833, or email money@northampton.ac.uk

You may also find it useful to take a look at our Money Matters blog for advice and guidance.

For further information please visit our fees and funding pages.

Both Student Centres, at Park and Avenue Campus, have a dedicated phone available for students so that they can call Student Finance England, NHS, or their local funding authority.